Simple Ways to Improve English for Bank Exams

Hello and welcome to exampundit. A small note on how to improve English. It will have an indirect effect on scoring in exams too.

1. Always type full words. You will never find any shortcuts used in my words. Example: ‘And’ written as ‘n’ or ‘Are’ written as ‘r’. Similarly for ‘You’ , ‘They’ , ‘That’ or any other words for that matter.

This will be very helpful in long term specially in descriptive paper.

Special Note: I have attended an introductory seminar on Graphology which is popularly know as Handwriting Analysis. We were told people who type in short forms are LAZY. Now just imagine a stage where you have reached descriptive part of your paper or for that matter in an interview some kind of handwritten declaration is taken from you and you have used short forms. Interviewers being highly knowledgeable people will reject you instantly. You must be thinking yeh choti baat hai. Itna kaun sochta hai. Well if you cant take care of small things, how will handle big responsibilities thrown at you.

Don’t take this lightly ! Start from your WhatsApp and Facebook chats. Start typing in full words.


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2. Read in your free time & Observe the language. Reading helps achieve 2 things viz. Expands your knowledge base & improves your vocabulary plus grammar. Also helps in quick understanding of the context which will be helpful in current scenario of high level English in SBI and IBPS PO exams.

You will argue that you study for 7-8 hours a day so why to read separately. Studying and reading are completely different. To improve English, you need to take time out to read a newspaper, book or magazine where your focus should be on comprehending the text and also observing the flow of the words.

3. Practice. This is exam specific point. Most of the aspirants tend to focus on Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning for most of their study time. English is either neglected or given last hour in study schedule where you are already tired from studies. It is futile task to understand anything at end of the day, be it English or even something simple as Computers. This is how I used to practice apart from writing full words, reading books and earning grammar.
a) Mock tests (Online/Offline) : Don’t rush through English section. Attempt it patiently. Analyse what went wrong at the end. Correct yourself. Please treat it as important as other sections.
b) Questions sets : This is best way to practice. Because you will have specific type of questions like Cloze test, Spot Errors and Sentence correction. This helped me a lot.
c) Note making (Errors and Vocabulary) : Yes English requires note making too. Common errors are easily forgettable. Kindly note them down. Apart from this, vocabulary can also be noted and revised before exam day.
Special Note: Please don’t use your friend’s vocabulary notes. They know the usage of their vocabulary findings. Make your own vocabulary notes!

That’s all folks. Hope it helps. Cheers! 🙂

(Selected in UCO Bank as a PO, BOM as a PO through PGDBF and RRB Officer Scale I)


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Team ExamPundit