SBI PO Prelims 2017: Double Fillers – Set 4

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz on Double Fillers for SBI PO Prelims 2017.

Each sentence below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. A number of methods for _______  out language classification have been developed, ranging from simple _________ to computerised hypothesis testing.
a) Trying, trial.
b) Trying, ways
c) Carrying, inspection.
d) Working, detection.
e) Carrying, detection.

2. The____________   works both ways, and thus the __________ is bidirectional.
a) Indication, work.
b) Implication, universal.
c) Impact, vindication.
d) Theory, case.
e) Reason, hope.

3. Newer ________   show that in the Middle East and Anatolia some experiments with agriculture were being made by 10,900 BC. and that there may already have been ________with wild grain processing by around 19,000 BC at Ohalo II.
a) Inventions, using.
b) Discoveries, inventing.
c) Discoveries, experimenting.
d) Theories, experts.
e) Findings, trying.

4. There are two _______   hypotheses about the origin of the low ______ of the Dead Sea.
a) Important, alleviation.
b) Contending, elevation.
c) Emerging, count.
d) Emerging, content.
e) Prevailing, ratio.

5. But private sector _____  who account for over 90 per cent of the market, have _______ their reluctance to follow suit.
a) Smugglers, suggested.
b) Workers, asked.
c) Employees, expressed.
d) Producers, expressed.
e) Producers, indicated.


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6. The _____ merchant bankers should also be held accountable for any shortfalls vis-à-vis promises, with hard underwriting _____ in place to make up the gap.
a) Few, articles.
b) Many, works.
c) Selected, contracts.
d) Less, projects.
e) Many, projects.

7. For example, operators who already have _____ based on the 800 MHz band will find it more valuable to acquire more of the same compared to another _______using the 1800 MHz band.
a) Networks, operator.
b) Channels, institution.
c) Webbings, company.
d) Network, company.
e) Projects, company.

8. Services are more _______ from global tumult than manufacturing and have been performing ________better, with a reading in June of 56.5, indicating an expansion.
a) Insulated, significantly.
b) Initiated, less.
c) Started, a lot
d) Approachable, quite.
e) Used, very.

9. His ______ was instrumental in the _________ of Renaissance (or Humanist) Latin from medieval norms.
a) Award, beginning.
b) Achievement, end
c) Scholarship, divergence.
d) Book, heat.
e) Power, start.

10. The _________ has done well to point out the flaws in the weighted average formula proposed by the DoT but has muddied the waters by proposing ________formula which is equally flawed.
a) Man, other.
b) Regulator, another.
c) Historian, strange.
d) Woman, her.
e) Regulator, none.

1. (c). Option fits in best.
2. (b)The sentence talks about something and so ,’implication’  fits in
3. (c) Option gives meaning to the sentence.
4. (b) Elevation means raising whereas alleviation means to increase the pain.
5. (e) Option makes sense.
6. (c)Option fits in best.
7. (a) Option gives meaning to the sentence.
8. (a)Option makes sense. Insulated means not making any noise.
9. (c)The first words from options fit in well. So we will focus on the second. Divergence means on the verge of diverging.
10. (b) Regulator is a person that regulates something. So, the option gives meaning to the sentence.


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