Computer Knowledge Quiz – 2

computer knowledge quiz

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge quiz for upcoming RBI Assistant Mains examination.

  1. ROM is an example of which of the following?

(a) volatile memory

(b) cache memory

(c) nonvolatile memory

(d) virtual memory

(e) None of these



  1. When a computer prints a report, this output is called ____.

(a) Program

(b) Soft copy

(c) Hard copy

(d) Execution

(e) None of these



  1. The microprocessor of a computer ________ .

(a) does not understand machine language

(b) understands machine language and high level languages

(c) understands only machine language

(d) understands only high level languages

(e) understands only assembly language




  1. What is the full form of PROM?

(a) Programmable Read-Only Memory

(b) Progressive Read-Only Memory

(c) Periodic Read-Only Memory

(d) Perfect Read-Only Memory

(e) Program Read-Only Memory



  1. Which of these should be used, if sender of e-mail text wants to format it in bold and italic?

(a) Rich Signature

(b) Rich Text

(c) Rich Format

(d) Plain Format

(e) Plain Text



  1. Which of the following words is not related to Internet?

(a) Link

(b) Function Key

(c) Browser

(d) Search Engine

(e) Hyperlink



  1. To take any text from its original site to other site without deleting it, is called

(a) Scrolling

(b) Searching

(c) Moving

(d) Copying

(e) Halting



  1. The secret code which blocks entry to certain programs is popularly called

(a) Access code

(b) Passport

(c) Entry code

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(d) Password

(e) Keyword



  1. Which of the following type of menu displays further sub choices?

(a) Reverse

(b) Template

(c) Scrolled

(d) Wrapped

(e) Pull-down



  1. With which tool any part of a document can be seen on the screen?

(a) Searching

(b) Pasting

(c) Scrolling

(d) Editing

(e) Copying




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