What to Study for IBPS Specialist Officer 2016 – IT Officer

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditExampundit received plenty of messages, comments and mails
asking how to start the preparation of IBPS Specialist Officer IT Officer. So
here is a small post which will help you to start the preparation of IBPS
Specialist Officer – IT Officer.

In the reasoning part, you need to practice almost PO level
problems. Which means, tricky puzzles, confusing seating arrangements, good
quality of Syllogisms. Puzzle and Seating Arrangements will be crucial, so
practice them real nice. On the other hand, coding-decoding, inequalities,
input-output problems need to practiced thoroughly. Reasoning can take a lot of
time so make sure you are increasing your speed.
For the Quantitative Aptitude section, you need to practice
Data Interpretation, Simplifications, and Quadratic Equations mainly. On the
other hand, the arithmetic problems which includes Compound Interest, Time
& Work, Age Related Problems, Profit & Loss and Time and Distance
mainly. It can be calculative so make sure you are preparing a good time
management plan for yourself.
English has 25 marks. Which clearly indicates, you need to
work on the Comprehension a lot. On the other hand, you need to practice cloze
test, fill in the blanks and sentence rearrangements.
Now, this is the most awaited part for you right? Well it
has to be. The Professional Knowlege consists 75 marks, which means it carries
37.5% of the total marks. Now when it comes to studying, we would recommend you
to study MAINLY from your ACADEMIC BOOKS. Referrence books, which claims to
have all you need are not worth buying. So we highly recommend you to study
from your BCA/MCA/Gate Entrance Books and you will be good to go.
DBMS, Networking – These are the two topics
you need to focus mainly.
We will provide a Warm Up Match for the IBPS Specialist Officer – IT
We will also start the Quizzes for IT Officer as well as
Marketing Officer.
All the best. Study hard. May the Force Be With You.


Team ExamPundit


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