Weekly One Liner Current Affairs PDF – April 2018

Hello and welcome to exampundit. From now on, we will be sharing Weekly One Liner Current Affairs PDFs. These PDFs will be shared in App one day before uploading in the website.

Weekly One Liner Current Affairs PDF

We are starting off with April’sย One Liner Current Affairs.

These one liner current affairs PDFs will help you to revise all the important events in Financial, Banking Sector, India & states and all over the world.

These PDFs will be extremely crucial for the upcoming SBI Examinations.


Weekly One Liner Current Affairs PDF – April 2018

Week 1 – April 1 – April 7 – DOWNLOAD PDF

Week 2 – April 8 – April 14 – DOWNLOAD PDF

Week 3 – April 15 – April 21 – DOWNLOAD PDF

Week 4 – April 22 – April 30 – DOWNLOAD PDF


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Team Exampundit

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    why you guys too irregular in publishing weekly ca pdfs

    • Apologize for this issue. It is indeed a serious and valid issue. Due to some internal problems, we are irregular but I personally assure you things going to be in the right track. Please have faith ๐Ÿ™‚