Time Management Strategy for IBPS PO Prelims 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditSo, as you all know IBPS PO Prelims is heading your way faster than the flash, we decided to give you a possible strategy on how to attempt maximum in IBPS PO Prelims 2015. Firstly, you should not give any examination by targeting cut-off marks. Because, you are not MOSTLY going to attempt 50 and get 50. So basically, it is better to target maximum marks. Cut-off targeting is the WORST THING a STUDENT can ever do.

Time Allotment:
Everyone has a strong zone and a weak zone, in case you don’t have any weak zone, you are good to go, and you don’t need to read this post.
Firstly, you have to pick your WEAK ZONE and give it the time it needs. After that the other two parts will have some time allotted either equally or in a 60-40 ratio.
So, let’s get started.
In case you have Quantitative Aptitude as WEAK ZONE, you should try with:

Quantitative Aptitude
 28 Minutes
 20 Minutes
 12 Minutes
                                Table Q
In case you have Reasoning as WEAK ZONE, you should try with:

Quantitative Aptitude
 23 Minutes
 25 Minutes
 10 Minutes
                                Table R
In case you have English as your Weak Zone, then you should go with either of the Table Q or R, because giving English more than 15 minutes will cause problem.

Table Q (Quantitative as WEAK):  Start off with Either Reasoning or English so that you do not miss out these while calculating Quantitative Aptitude.
If you are Good at Reading and Good in English, straight away, start English and Do it till any question bumps you.
Then go to Quantitative Aptitude, and start doing the EASY sums (Sums which you will be able to solve faster). As soon as you are done with the Easy ones and you only have calculative one in your hand, keep them and go to REASONING.
Start off with your Strong Zones, I/O or Puzzle or Syllogisms. Similarly do all the problems which you can solve easily.
Move to Quantitative Aptitude again and start doing the tough ones. By this time you should have at least 30 minutes in your hand.
Now, take 15 minutes for quantitative and 15 for the remaining and do with confidence. No matter HOW TOUGH it is, if you have self-belief, you are good to go!
Table R (Reasoning as WEAK):  Start off with Quantitative Aptitude, and Do the sums which you can solve easily. As soon as you are done with those, go to English and do all the vocabulary and reading parts.
Now, come to reasoning and start doing with ones you can solve easily. It will boost up the confidence and kick out the fear. Now, go to the tough ones (you find) and start solving them. If you are stuck in some question, pause it and move ahead.
Come back to Quantitative Aptitude and do the rest. Check if there is anything left.

Note: While solving English, make sure you are calm as a cucumber. Because, if you are not, then many of the known things won’t pop out!
In case you have strong Reasoning and Quantitative and English is a WEAK ZONE, then go for English after you go for either of the other two.
  • DO Not Think About Cut-off marks
  • Do not think any of your problems during the exam
  • Believe in yourself and you will be Bank PO

All the best.
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