SBI PO Mains 2017: Puzzle Test – 10

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Puzzle for SBI PO Mains 2017.


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Nine persons E,
F, G, H, I, J, K, L and M are sitting in a row facing in either south or north
direction, not necessarily in the same order. They prefer to drive different
cars as Hyundai and others. These are the further details.

H and E are
immediate neighbours of K but face in opposite directions to each other. M who
drives Volkswagen sits in the middle of the row and his nick name is S. G and F
faces in the same direction. The person who drives Tata sits to the immediate
right of a person facing in North direction. F sits three places away from M. The person sitting at first and last position from left face in North direction and they drive BMW and Maruti respectively. The person drives Nissan sits to the
immediate right of L.  H doesn’t sit with
M. I sits second to the left of J but doesn’t drive Maruti. J sits exactly
between G and F. Also, there is only one person sitting between G and F. L and
K faces in the same direction. The person drives Ford sits fourth to the left
of the person drives Tata but neither of them is F. The person drives Toyota
and Honda are sitting adjacent to each other. S faces towards south. The person
drives Honda sits forth to the right of H.
Q.1 Who among the following drives Hyundai ?
a) J
b) G
c) L
d) I
e) none of these.
Q.2 Who among the following facing in north direction ?
a) F
b) The person who drives Nissan.
c) The one who drives Tata.
d) The one who drives Ford.
e) none of these.
Q.3 F is related to M, in the same way I is related to Tata.
Then in the same way, who is related to Nissan?
a) M
b) G
c) The one who drives Honda.
d) E
e) none of these.
Q.4 Which is the group, in which all the members face South
direction ?
a) JGM
b) MHK
c) FGH
d) IFM
e) none of these.
Q.5 Who is sitting Third to the right of the person drives
a) H
b) One who drives Volkswagen.
c) One who drives Hyundai.
d) K
e) can not determine.


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