English Quiz for BOB Manipal and Dena Bank PGDBF 2017 – Set 9

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for BOB Manipal and Dena Bank PGDBF 2017.


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Each sentence below has two blanks, each
blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for
each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
1. Britain’s governments ______ recent
years have tried to _______ its strengths.
a) Upon, rise.
b) Over, accentuate.
c) In, improve.
d) In, accentuate.
e) On, decrease.
2. ______ to archaic people, anatomically
modern humans have smaller, differently shaped _____.
a) Compared, teeth.
b) Compared, tooth.
c) Comparison, Teeth
d) Between, teeth.
e) As, teeth.
3. This most ______ fast-moving, mostly
office-based industries with sparklier _______ and scarier risks.
a) Utilizes, penalties.
b) Employs, rewards.
c) Promotes, rewards.
d) Thinks, incentives.
e) Employs, gifts.
4. Stock prices took a _______ knock in
2015 and in the first quarter of 2016 on concerns of global slowdown led by
China, crash in commodity prices and _________ interest rate hike by the US
Federal Reserve.
a) Light, considerate.
b) Bad, worse.
c) Severe, worse
d) Strong, outstanding.
e) Severe, impending.
5. The amendments to the Sarfaesi Act allow
_______ creditors to enforce their security interests, upon a default, without
the _______ of courts or tribunals.
a) Safety , involvement.
b) Secured, intervention.
c) New, intervened.
d) Old, disagreement.
e) Moderate, approval.
6. The original logic________ this
regulation was that only those with skin in the oil game should be allowed to
benefit from a presence in the _______ retailing business
a) On, tempting.
b) Behind, lucrative.
c) In, risky
d) Behind, risky
e) About, problematic.
7. The scheme has gotten off the ground
________  with Hindustan Construction
Company becoming the first _________ to try it out.
a) Slowly, lender.
b) Quickly, borrower.
c) Quickly, lender.
d) Competitively, contender.
e) Softly, company.
8. Globally the ________of child labour
decreased from 25% to 10% between 1960 and 2003, ______to the World Bank
a) Scenario, issued.
b) Phenomena, according
c) Incidence, according.
d) Work, accepted.
e) Scenario, said.
9. These can be ________ in three groups
based on the original language used for the work, _______ Latin, Greek or
a) Put, namely.
b) Separated, namely.
c) Projected, as.
d) Divided, of.
e) Put, of.
10. The draft, which ______  leaves out shops employing less than 10
workers, visualises cities that work round the clock all through the year,
supported by _____ services such as transportation, crèches and other public
a) Significantly, essential.
b) Morally, helpful
c) Cunningly, unimportant.
d) Honestly, important.                                               
e) Usually, few.

Answers & Explanations:

1. (b) Option fit in best. Accentuate means prominent.
2. (a) ‘Compared’ gives the sentence a meaning and tooth is singular but the plural will be used here.
3. (c) Office is involved so gifts will be informal. Hence, reward fits in best.
4. (e) Knock can be ‘severe’ and rates can be ‘impending’.
5. (b) Option gives meaning to the sentence.
6. (b)Nowhere in the sentence has any negative impact been indicated. So, the option fits in best.
7. (b)Option fits best.
8. (c) Child labour is not something good. So, incidence describes it best.
9. (b)Things can be separated into groups. Although divided can be used but the later word with divided do not make sense here.
10. (a) Option makes sense.


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