SBI PO 2018: English Quiz for Prelims – 6


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI PO 2018 Prelims examination based on Sentence Fillers and error correction.


Four sentences are given below a, b, c and d. Of these, three statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/ passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the sequence.


  1. (a) The list of horrors goes on.

(c) And one in every five is malnourished.

(d) Nobody has been able to figure out a way to reduce the speed that is at the root of India’s over-population problems: a baby born every second.

(b) Foods with a high content of absorbable micronutrients are considered the best means for preventing micronutrient deficiencies.

Answer & Solutions

Option: B

Explanation: Statement b is just out of context; hence, excluded.



  1. (b) In fact, it suites the purpose of the politicians, they can drag the people into submission by appealing to them in the name of religion.

(a) In order to inculcate, the unquestioning belief, they condemn the other states which do not follow their religion.

(d) The emergence of the theocratic states, where all types of crimes are committed in the name of religion of the Middle Ages is dangerous.

(c) Monarchy thus entails not only a political administrative organization but also a “court society”.

Answer & Solutions

Option: C

Explanation:  The monarchy does not find mention in the paragraph, so, excluded and an odd sentence.




  1. (d) It was something I knew that it would give me a chance to be my own boss.

(b) Today I have 800 on my staff, office and members.

(c) Although if you work for an ad agency in the 1960s, evidently it isn’t there either.

(a) I was sick of working for others.

Answer & Solutions

Option: C

Explanation: The sentence stating working for an ad agency does not part of the paragraph.




  1. (d) Fire ripped through another pipeline in southern Nigeria, killing at least 40 people.

(b) Fuel is supplied not only to homes, but also to a variety of businesses and commercial establishments without any difficulty.

(a) The explosion was the third in two weeks.

(c) Police were deployed to stop villagers from stealing fuel from other pipelines.

Answer & Solutions

Option: B

Explanation: Statement b just looks odd in the paragraph. Hence, can be the answer.



  1. (d) You would be very surprised indeed to find it hot.

(b) Cold, of course.

(c) Rivers are the most obvious and significant feature of the landscape.

(a) When you go bathing in a river or a pond, do you expect the water to be hot or cold?

Answer & Solutions

Option: C

Explanation: Statement c does not connect with other three sentences, so, excluded.



  1. (b) In a number of cases, the drivers have refused to carry passengers according to the meter reading despite it being in working condition.

(a) Refusal to carry commuters to their respective destinations is another common complaint which has been lodged with the call centres.

(d) The most shocking is the complaints about misbehaviour by the rickshaw drivers with the passengers.

(c) It’s hard to reconcile the image of the paan-chewing driver greeting you with `Good morning’.

Answer & Solutions

Option: C

Explanation: The statement about the paan-chewing driver greeting you with `Good morning’ does not fit into the passage.



  1. (b) Finish specialists recommended a chewing gum containing xylitol – a natural sweetener present in birch, maple, corn and straw – to be used several times a day by young children.

(c) Chewing gum is a new solution that “may work for parents whose children suffer from chronic ear infections.

(a) Sugared gums can with heavy use cause tooth decay, gum disease and cavities.

(d) After Finish studies showed that xylitol is effective in preventing cavities, a team of researchers decided to investigate its effects on a very similar type of bacteria which causes ear infections.

Answer & Solutions

Option: A

Explanation: Sentence a seems to be out of context, hence, the odd one.



  1. (d) The CEO’s leadership role also entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions.

(a) The chief executive had done an excellent job in welding a group of motley and successful companies into one profitable company.

(b) It is not surprising that company had been sitting on a cash hoard of about $24 billion year after year without any attempt to use it for growth or development.

(c) The chief executive of the General Electric Company in England once told me that he was very happy when there were no problems in any of his many divisions.

Answer & Solutions

Option: D

Explanation: ‘d’ stating CEO’s leadership role seems to be unfit in the paragraph, hence, can be excluded.


  1. (d) Businesses often feel that since they have a lot of market muscle and in such a dominant position, maintenance will be enough.

(b) IBM fell behind on the concept of “connectivity” and has suffered as a result.

(a) In recent years, however, even mighty IBM found that market domination was not enough if you fall behind on concept.

(c) IBM has been well known through most of its recent history as one of the world’s largest computer companies.

Answer & Solutions

Option: C

Explanation: ‘c’ is the odd sentence which does not fit into the arranged paragraph, hence, the answer.



  1. (b) In the past, the customised tailoring units were localised to the township or city and catered exclusively to domestic demand.

(a) Traditionally, Indians preferred custom-made clothing and the concept of ready-to-wear is a relatively recent one.

(d) This is contrary to the popular notion that Indian men do not spend as much as women on clothing.

(c) The customised tailoring outfits have always been a major source of clothing for domestic market.

Answer & Solutions

Option: D

Explanation: The statement denoting that Indian men do not spend as much as women on clothing seems to be out of context.




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