SBI Clerk 2018: Reasoning Ability Quiz – 20


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Puzzle problems for SBI Clerk 2018 Prelims.


8 mobiles MI, Lenovo, Nokia, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, Honor have different sale type Flash, Store, Online and both Online & Store. Not more than 2 mobile companies’ sale types are same. They have different Ram(2gb, 3gb, 4gb, 5gb, 6gb, 7gb, 8gb, 10gb) and different storage capacity (8gb, 16gb, 20gb, 32gb, 40gb, 64gb, 80gb, 128gb). MI’s ram is more than 3gb and does not have the highest storage capacity. Phones with 4gb and 8gb ram are available both on Online and Store. Oppo has 5gb ram but not available on online. The mobiles available on Flash have storage capacity more than 64gb. Honor’s storage capacity is neither 32gb nor 16gb. The phone with 4gb ram has storage capacity of 40gb which is neither Honor nor MI. The phone with 32gb storage capacity and Honor are available on online. Vivo’s ram is not less than 6gb. Samsung’s storage capacity is less than 40gb but has 3gb ram. Oneplus is available on Flash. Oppo’s storage capacity is less than Samsung. Honor’s ram is more than Vivo which is not available on Flash but has 6gb ram. The phone with 10gb ram has storage capacity twice more than Vivo. Nokia’s ram and storage capacity are same.

  1. What is the sell type of Samsung?

(A) Online

(B) Online and Store

(C) Store

(D) Cannot be determined



Option: C


  1. Which phone has the highest storage capacity?

(A) Honor

(B) Lenovo

(C) Vivo

(D) None of theSe



Option: D


  1. What is the storage capacity if MI?

(A) 16Gb

(B) 64gb

(C) 80gb

(D) 32gb



Option: C



  1. Which phone has the highest ram?

(A) Honor

(B) Vivo

(C) Lenovo

(D) Nine of these



Option: A



  1. Which phones are available on Flash?

(A) Oppo and Oneplus

(B) Oneplus  and MI

(C) MI and Lenovo

(D) Lenovo and Oppo



Option: B

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Mobile Ram Storage Sale Type
MI  6GB  80GB  Flash
Lenovo  4GB  40GB  Online & Store
Samsung  3GB  20GB  Store
Nokia  8GB  8GB  Store & Online
Oneplus  2GB  128GB  Flash
Oppo  5GB  16GB  Store
Honor  10GB  64GB  Online
Vivo  7GB  32GB  Online


8 players A,B,C,D,P,Q,R,S are from different IPL teams: RCB, RR, KKR, CSK, MI, DD, KXIP, SRH. They are sold in auction at different price: $1mn, $1.5mn, $2mn, $2.5mn, $3mn, $3.5mn, $4mn, $5mn. 4 of them are batsmen and rest are bowlers. Batsman R was sold not at $5mn nor he’s from KXIP. Bowler B is not from RCB. B earns more than the player from KXIP. D is a bowler but plays neither for RCB nor for SRH. The player from KXIP was sold at less than $2.5mn. A is a bowler. The players from RCB and SRH are bowlers. P earns more then A but less than the player from MI. Q plays for DD and was sold at not less than $3.5mn. C is from CSK and he was sold at $4mn. S earns more than $3mn. The player from KKR was sold at the highest rate. R earns more than the player from MI but less than the player from SRH. S was sold at more than $3mn. No batsmen are from DD nor MI.

  1. Who was sold at $5mn?

(A) P

(B) S

(C) P or S

(D) D



Option: B


  1. B plays for-

(A) MI



(D) DD



Option: C


  1. Who was sold at the least amount?

(A) A

(B) B

(C) C

(D) D



Option: A


  1. R plays for-


(B) RR

(C) DD

(D) MI



Option: B


  1. P was sold at-

(A) $2mn

(B) $4mn

(C) $3.5mn

(D) $1.5mn



Option: D

Player Team Sold for Type
A  RCB  $1mn  Bowler
B  SRH  $3mn  Bowler
C  CSK  $4mn  Batsman
D  MI  $2mn  Bowler
P  KXIP  $1.5mn  Batsman
Q  DD  $3.5mn  Bowler
R  RR  $2.5mn  Batsman
S  KKR  $5mn  Batsman




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