Reasoning Quiz – Puzzle & New Coding-Decoding – 13

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Puzzle and New Pattern Coding-Decoding for upcoming Bank and Insurance Exams in 2018.


A, B, C, D, E, V, W, X, Y and Z are 10 people who like to eat 10 different foods – Aloo Parantha , Samosa, Kachori Chaat, Pastry, Burger, Chhole Bature, Pizza, Wonton, Pakoda, Bhujia but not necessarily in same order. They were Born on various days i.e. Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Wednesday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday. C was born on Saturday, but eats neither Bhujia nor Pastry. The person who eats Pizza neither was born on Tuesday nor on Saturday. B eats Samosa but neither was born on Monday nor on Friday. E was born neither on Tuesday nor on Friday. V eats Kachori and was born on Sunday. Y never eats Pastry nor pizza. The persons who were born on Saturday neither eat Aloo Parantha nor Chhole Batore. The person who was born on Monday neither eats Aloo Parantha nor Pizza. Two people who were born on Friday neither eat Wonton nor Chhole Bature. Y was born alone on Thursday. The person of Sunday neither eat Pizza nor Samosa. D either eats Wonton or was born on Friday. W was born on Wednesday but neither eats Pastry nor Pakoda. The person who eats Bhujia was born neither on Thursday nor on Sunday. Z eats Pizza. X eats Pastry but neither was born on Monday nor on Tuesday. Neither the person who eats Wonton nor Pakoda was born on Saturday. Neither W nor X was born on Friday. The person who eats Pakoda was neither born on Monday nor on Tuesday. A neither eats Pakoda nor Bhujia.


  1. E eats-

(A) Pakoda

(B) Chhole Bature

(C) Wanton

(D) Cannot be determined


Option: B


  1. X was born on-

(A) Sunday

(B) Saturday

(C) Wednesday

(D) Friday


Option: A


  1. W eats-

(A) Pastry

(B) Aloo Parantha

(C) Chhole Bature

(D) None of these


Option: D


  1. Z was born on –

(A) Wednesday

(B) Monday

(C) Friday

(D) Tuesday


Option: C


  1. D was born on-

(A) Friday

(B) Sunday

(C) Monday

(D) Tuesday


Option: D


  1. B eats-

(A) Samosa

(B) Burger

(C) Pizza

(D) None of these


Option: A


  1. V was born on –

(A) Monday

(B) Friday

(C) Sunday

(D) Tuesday


Option: C

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A  Aloo Parantha  Friday
B  Samosa  Saturday
C  Burger  Saturday
D  Wonton  Tuesday
E  Chhole Bature  Monday
V  Kachori Chaat  Sunday
W  Bhujia  Wednesday
X  Pastry  Sunday
Y  Pakoda  Thursday
Z  Pizza  Friday



Works Unicorn Fried Tea – ?59  *29  *59  &96

Kolkata Unity Examination University Childhood – %69  $26  *26  ©66   &29


  1. Kolkata stands for-

(A) &29

(B) *26

(C) ©66

(D) None of these


Option: A


  1. %69 stands for-

(A) Unity

(B) Childhood

(C) Examination

(D) University


Option: B


  1. *59 stands for:

(A) Fried

(B) Works

(C) Tea

(D) None of these



Option: A

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1st digit: Symbol stands for number of letters in a word-

* – 5

? – 3

@ – 6

& – 7

% – 9

$ – 10

© – 11

2nd digit: alphabetical placement number of the second last letter.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


J K L M N O P Q R and so on

3rd digit- if the first letter is consonant then it will be 9 and if the first letter is a vowel then it will be 6.




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