POLLS Don’t Decide Your Future

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditFew days back, there was Poll on How Much Did you Attempt in
IBPS PO Prelims. After we published the result as it was and gave No Review
regarding it, many of you started feeling hopeless. To be honest, Polls don’t
decide your future. There is a vast difference between Attempting a Question
and Getting Marks in the exam.

Suppose, there are 3 friends A, B and C. They went to give
IBPS PO Prelims.
Out of 100,
A attempted 50
B attempted 40
C attempted 55
B might fee hopeless that A and C did 50-55. But when the
result comes out, B gets 38.75, A gets 37.5 and C got 45.
And there can be thousands of combinations where they get same or the
highest one gets lowest.
The point is that, it does not matter how much did you
Attempt. What matters is that how many of them are correct, which you don’t
So stop thinking about the poll result and start preparing for
the IBPS PO Mains!!
All the Best.
May The Force Be With You


Team ExamPundit


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