Motivational Monday S02E04: Ignorance is a bliss


Such a negative line to start a motivational episode, right? But I believe even the negative things can have a positive aspect. Let’s see what this line has for us.

In this world full of chaos, we need to focus on a million things and over that million things, there are a zillion hurdles. We need to cross each and every hurdle to achieve our goals. For that, we need to have one more thing besides dedication and hard work – ignorance. We are constantly coming in contact with so many elements in all forms that prevent us from reaching our goals.

Initial failure, demotivation from relatives and friends, inability to grasp some concepts, competition from others and so many more such obstacles are there that we need to overcome.

Almost everyone is a dedicated and hardworking contender but few are armed with ignoring power. You know, there are some things in life about which nothing can be done. They need to be ignored. Ignore every negative element around you and let it be the motivation for you that compels you to work even harder.

Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna. You cannot teach everyone to emit something positive whenever they open their mouth. Some people are just there as a negative source of energy.

And the positive that you can take from them is that if they don’t exist, the value of good or positive will not be recognized. So they are there to give importance to the good things around the world. Let them be. But don’t let them be a permanent hurdle. Learn to ignore them and they will be harmless.

Arushi Mathur

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