Motivational Monday – Episode 1 – Unplug

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Those complex mathematical
problems that never seem to solve, logical reasoning that doesn’t make logic to
you anymore, English that almost seems like French and that never ending pile
of current affairs. Have all these started haunting you in your dreams? And you
have spent days studying and nights awake revising but still didn’t get any
success? Do you feel that you have put in so much efforts but you are still far
from placement? Are you unable to find where you are lagging behind?

If all the questions above have a
yes as an answer then you need to relax and take a deep breath!!!
The bottleneck competition has led
us to study continuously for hours and hours. It is good to put in so much
efforts to achieve your goals. But it sometimes take a toll on you physical as
well as mental health. Your mind is a part of your body and it requires rest
too. So take a break and give the most important organ of your body some
Now, by taking a break here does
not at all means completely ignoring your studies. It only means to slow down a
bit. Don’t exhaust yourself with long study hours. Instead, just analyse
yourself. Analyse your study routine and modify it to something better. Because
let’s face it, monotonous routines can give you a seriously boring personality
and none of us want that. The motive is to enjoy the whole learning process.
Burdening yourself will make you anxious and anxiety leads to irritation and
less productivity. Whereas we need to be as much as productive as one can be.
The IBPS schedule will take a
high gear in August. So, this is the perfect time to rejuvenate yourself so
that you can get back with full determination and mental readiness to face the
challenges that awaits.

Give yourself time to breathe a little. Let your
brain and heart rest a little. The world won’t stop for you but you will catch
up. Listen to some of your favourite music or dance your heart out. Basically
do anything that makes you feel happy. Free your mind from the stress of competition.


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Plan your strategy in a fresh way. Find out your strongest
and weakest sections and scheme out your time table accordingly and you will be
back with new energy ready to face the tests. Always keep in mind that your
ultimate goal is to achieve success that gives you happiness more than any
monetary support. This will help you put your heart into whatever you are
doing. And of course the mind leads you to achievement but the combination of
mind and heart leads you to making yourself better at it with each passing day.

To sum this up, we need to understand that rest is as
important as activeness for your mind and body so never underestimate the power
of rest.


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