IBPS RRB OS-I 2017 Interview Experience – Sougata

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Our group admin Sougata has shared the IBPS RRB OS-I 2017 Interview Experience from West Bengal.

IBPS RRB OS-I 2017 Interview Experience

Here it goes….


Date :- 23.12.2017

Place :- BGVB(Bangiya Grameen Vikas Bank), Kolkata.

Panel:- 3

Time:- 1pm


I was second candidate in Panel 3..Biometric and Document verification was started by 2:30pm. They called me at 2:45pm. After DV I was sent to the interview room around 3pm..

My interview went around12-15 minutes. There were 5 members in the Panel. 4Male and 1Female member, one of them was UBI Ex-chairman.

Me:- I entered the room with smile and wished everyone.

M3:-Please sit down and be comfortable(as I was tensed)

Me:- Thank you sir

M3:- What is your name, tell about yourself.

Me:- Answered(as I have completed my graduation in 2012 so I was expected to tackle the question of what I m doing from then)

F1:- In 2012 you have completed the graduation, So from then what are you doing and is this your frst interview?

Me:- Answered((As I have completed my graduation in English Honours so I know that they will surely ask at least one question)

M3:- Who is the author of ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ beautiful poem it is.

Me:- At frst can’t recall the name thn answerd.

M3:- OK now can I ask some questions from banking?

Me:- Yes sir sure

M3:- What is NABARD?

Me:- Answerd and he was satisfied

M5:- Do you have any account in a bank? Which account?

Me:- said Sir I have a savings account in SBI.

M5:- Okay so why do you choose SBI instead of any Rural Bank?

Me:- answered.

M5:- so banks are giving how much interest in savings account?And apart from savings account how many accounts are there?

Me:- Answered

M5:- In FD interest is more or less?

Me:- answered.

M5:- So as a manager what type of account will you refer to a customer? Savings account or FD?

Me:- Answered (but It feels like he is not satisfied)

M4:- so you have done Eng Hons. And what are your pass subjects.

Me:- Sir Bengali and Economics.

After hearing the subject Economics

M4:- What is the difference between Balance of Payment and Balance of Trade.

Me:- sorry sir I don’t recall this at this moment

M4:- oho you have read this, u can answer but now u don’t recall. Understand. OK tell me What is Inflation?

Me:- Answered.

M4:- Achha u have heard the word ‘NITI Aayog’. So what was it’s previous name?

Me:- Sir planning Commission

M4:- OK so why there is a need to form NITI aayog in place of planning Commission?

Me:- (I really don’t know the reason) said sorry sir I don’t know the reason.

M2:- OK you tell me what is panama Papers.

Me:- (This time also I couldn’t be able to give the ans, don’t know what happened) said sorry sir I don’t recall this now.

M2:- What is 2G scam?

Me:- Answered (but he wanted to hear more)

F1:- What is PSL?

Me:- Answered

F1:- What is the full form of MSME?

Me:- Answered

F1:- So why there is a need to give priority to MSME sector after Agriculture?

Me:- Answered but she told that you don’t say the two most important point.

Then they told OK thank you..

I also thanked them..


Don’t know what will be my result. But its a nice experience for me, which will help me further.

*Note:- They were very co-operative and all of them were very nice people. Thank you. 🙂

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