IBPS PO Prelims 2018 – Mock Test Strategy

Recently IBPS has released its notification for PO vacancies and this time the number is 4,252. A lot of aspirants who want to make an entry into the challenging industry of banking would be applying for these lucrative jobs. If you’re also applying for these vacancies, it would be obvious to you by now that the competition is going to be intensive.


Unlike other vacancies of Indian Bank, Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank etc. which include pursuing a compulsory course of PGDBF, these vacancies by IBPS don’t involve pursuing any such course. Aspirants who qualify IBPS’ exams and interview get directly posted as Probationary Officers after some small training sessions. It’s this direct-recruitment process which lures lakhs of aspirants to these vacancies.

Mock tests’ ranks provide you a continuous self-assessment

When you take a mock test, you are instantly provided the analysis of your performance which includes your rank in comparison to other aspirants who took the same test. By the rank, you get an idea about how much more effort you need to put in to make your rank reach the top slot.

And if you’re already in the top slot you know that you have to stop making much changes in your strategy and keep practicing on a continuous basis to retain that slot until the exam date. Keeping an eye on your rank and continuously working on your weaknesses will definitely raise your rank in the succeeding tests.

Wait! Mock tests have other advantages too

Mock tests replicate actual tests in terms of difficulty level & number of questions, sectional time-limits, and interface. It’s like, you are trying different versions of the actual test and be comfortable with all the aspects like the pattern, answering questions on a computer etc. Apart from the rank, the analysis which a mock test provides includes detailed explanations of the questions which were answered incorrectly.


This is to ensure that you identify the step where you went wrong and don’t repeat the same mistake in the actual exam. The analysis also pinpoints the section where you didn’t do well and you need to put in extra efforts. Devoting some specific time and continuously working on your weaknesses will definitely improve your performance.

Start taking mock tests

Now that you are apprised of the competition and you are still doubtful about whether to start taking mock tests or not, let us unleash a secret. The best reason why you should start taking mock tests is because many of your competitors are taking it and they are getting all the advantages mock tests provide. There are many platforms who provide the first mock test free of cost.

Take the test, review the analysis and work on the areas you didn’t do well in. If you like the quality of the mock test and the analysis, you can go ahead and buy the complete package. We hope that your efforts plus analysis of mock tests will definitely help you in staying ahead of the competition. Wishing you all the best for your preparation!


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