How to Solve Puzzles in Bank Exams


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Among all the sections most of the queries we received through mails or messages are regarding puzzles and the most common question is how to solve puzzles in bank exams easily as well as quickly.

See there’s no magical wand or magical trick that we can provide you to solve any question easily & quickly.

The magic which only can work to solve them is the magic hidden within you, you have to just use them wisely. We can just suggest you here some techniques (not tricks) to get the puzzle easily right into your brain.

The following points will answer your question How to Solve Puzzles in Bank Exams for sure.

How to Solve Puzzles in Bank Exams

First of all in case of any puzzle don’t get puzzled or frightened at just the first sight. It’ll just redeem your confidence level and will kill the 50% possibility of your capability to do anything easily.

Secondly you get hardly a reasonable time in exam hall to solve a puzzle. So when you’re reading it for the first time, read it like you’re scrutinizing the passage not only reading.

While you’re scrutinizing the passage you’ll come across too many possibilities in one puzzle and not every possibility you have to write down on the page.

Because there are some possibilities which you can just invalidate using the logic built in your in your head.



Fourthly while you’re reading the passage at the same time put down the important data on the page. In the meanwhile you have to identify the clue given in the passage which is the key of solution of any puzzle.

Now what’s the clue? Clue is actually the key sentence which helps you to break the twist of a puzzle easily.

Usually what you do at first is just writing down all the data given in the passage, okay cool.  But in the meantime what you have to do is letting your brain work faster than ever and find out what is the clue which can solve all the puzzles created by the data in one go.

And believe it or not, in 99% cases at least 1-2 clues are given as data in a puzzle which is the key of way out. As soon as you’ll find out the clue, you’ll solve the puzzle easily.

Always remember one thing reasoning is all about reasons and logic. The more you take things logically in, the more you’ll get the logical result out.

And it’s never possible if you  don’t practice them at home on a regular basis. Because the more you prey the more you’ll know who, where n how the enemy is.


Here’s an example which will make you understand easily which is the clue sentence actually:

Six people P,Q,R,S,T,U are standing in a row. Some of them are facing north and some are facing south. They have six different holiday places: Goa,Rajasthan, Gujarat, Manali,Mizoram, Kuldiha.

The people who love Goa and Gujrat are neighbours of T who does not like Rajasthan. P and T are standing in an opposite direction and P is not at the extreme end. There are two people in between P and the one who loves Mizoram.

One of the neighbours of S loves Manali. Q is on the fourth right of U. R is on the immediate left of U. S is on the second right of T and none of them are at any extreme end. The person who loves Manali is on the fourth left of Q. The person who loves Goa is on the third left of R. Q and T are in opposite direction. Not more than two people are facing north.

In this puzzle you’ll get at least 3-4 possibilities as  it is direction based.

But when you come to this sentence – “The person who loves Goa is on the third left of R”.

You’ll see half of the puzzles are solved. Finally the final sentence will just make you confirmed that you are going right.

So, you can see you have to just brush off your brain and need to shun it for making it more functional than ever in case of puzzles.

So, this was our answer to your question How to Solve Puzzles in Bank Exams.

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