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About Operation Greens

The Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) on November 5, 2018 approved the operationalisation strategy for Operation Greens.

In the budget speech of 2018-19, a new Scheme “Operation Greens” was announced on the line of “Operation Flood”, with an outlay of Rs.500 crore to promote Farmer Producers Organizations, agri-logistics, processing facilities and professional management.

Operation Greens seeks to stabilize the supply of Tomato, Onion and Potato (TOP) crops and to ensure availability of TOP crops throughout the country round the year without price volatility.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has launched the scheme. NAFED will be the Nodal Agency to implement price stabilisation measures.

The Strategy of Operation Greens will comprise of a series of measures as decided by the Ministry:

Short term Price Stabilisation Measures

  • NAFED will be the Nodal Agency to implement price stabilisation measures.
  • MoFPI will provide 50 percent of the subsidy on transportation of Tomato Onion Potato (TOP) Crops from production to storage; and hiring of appropriate storage facilities for TOP Crops.

Long Term Integrated value chain development projects

  • Capacity Building of FPOs & their consortium
  • Quality production
  • Post-harvest processing facilities
  • Agri-Logistics
  • Marketing / Consumption Points
  • Creation and Management of e-platform for demand and supply management of TOP Crops

Assistance and eligibility of Operation Greens

  • The pattern of assistance will comprise of grants-in-aid at the rate of 50 percent of the eligible project cost in all areas, subject to maximum Rs 50 crores per project.
  • Eligible Organisation who will be eligible to participate in the programme would include State Agriculture and other Marketing Federations, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO), cooperatives, companies, Self-help groups, food processors, logistic operators, supply chain operators, retail and wholesale chains; and central and state governments.
  • The applicant fulfilling the eligibility criteria under the scheme is required to submit the online application on SAMPADA portal of the ministry attaching therewith complete documents.

Major objectives of Operation Greens

Operation Greens was announced on the line of “Operation Flood” to promote Farmer Producers Organizations, agri-logistics, processing facilities and professional management.  The major objectives are:

  • Enhance value realisation of TOP farmers by targeted interventions to strengthen TOP production clusters and their FPOs
  • Price stabilisation for producers and consumers by proper production planning in the TOP clusters
  • Reduction in post-harvest losses by creation of farm gate infrastructure, development of suitable agro-logistics, and creation of appropriate storage capacity linking consumption centres

Important Terms related to Operation Greens:

  • SAMPADA: Scheme for Agro-Marine Processing and Development of Agro-Processing Clusters
  • TOP: Tomato, Onion & Potato
  • FPO: Farmer Producer Organizations
  • NAFED: National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India

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