General Science Preparation Topics & Study Notes For RRB NTPC & RRB Group D Exams


With around 35000+ vacancies for RRB NTPC Exam and more than a lakh plus vacancies announced for RRB Group D posts, it is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspirants who are keen on joining and serving the Indian Railways. We all know that General Science occupies a major portion in the General Awareness section of the CBT Stage 1 of RRB NTPC exam, while there is a separate section of General Science in RRB Group D Exam. Therefore, it becomes of paramount importance that this section of General Science is given its due importance as it can help you fetch very high marks in the exam. In this article, we will be providing you with the General Science Topics and the resources that you can refer to for your exhaustive preparation.

General Science Syllabus & Revision Notes

We have divided the syllabus of General Science under three broad subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences.

  1. Physics
  2. Motion
  3. Force and Laws of Motion
  4. Gravitation
  5. Work, Energy & Power
  6. Sound
  7. Light: Reflection and Refraction
  8. Electricity
  9. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
  10. Chemistry
  11. Particles of Matter
  12. Pure Substance
  13. Atoms & Molecules
  14. Structure of the Atom
  15. Chemical Equation
  16. Acids, Bases and Salts
  17. Metals and Non- Metals
  18. Carbon and its Compounds
  19. Periodic Classification of Elements

III. Life Sciences

  1. Cell: Fundamental Unit of Life
  2. Tissue
  3. Diversity in Living Organisms
  4. Life Processes
  5. Control and Coordination
  6. Reproductive System
  7. Heredity and Evolution
  8. Health & Diseases
  9. Environment

Tips to Ace the General Science Section of Railways Exams

  1. The best thing an aspirant can do is go through the previous years’ questions of both RRB NTPC and RRB Group D Exams. This exercise will give you an exact idea as to what questions were asked in the exam and thus help you direct your preparation in the right direction.
  2. Also the best way would be to go through the CBSE Science Textbooks (till 10th Class) and prepare short notes. Keep revising these short notes on a regular basis.
  3. You can refer other General Awareness Books available in the market like Lucent General Awareness book or Arihant General Awareness book to enhance your preparation.
  4. The other way would be to refer to the compiled General Studies Notes for focussed preparation and last-minute revision.
  5. Also, joining Telegram channels solely dedicated to the railway exams preparation, would be a good idea. Theses channels and groups provide you free eBooks, notes, quizzes, daily current affairs and other important exam updates as well.

We hope that you gain useful insights from this article and prepare for your exam with a clearer approach and understanding. Always remember that practice and timely preparation is the key to clearing any competitive Exam. Swear by Oliveboard’s Motto “Learn, Practice & Improve” and we bet that success in yours.

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