Detailed Study Plan to Crack IB ACIO Exam 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. A lot of aspirants have requested us to provide a study plan & strategy to crack IB ACIO 2017 Exam. So here is the detailed study plan to crack Intelligence Bureau ACIO Exam 2017.

The IB ACIO II  Tier 1 comprises of 25 questions each from :
  1. General Awareness
  2. Quantitative Ability
  3. English
  4. Logical / Analytical ability

Total marks- 100
Time- 1 hour
Negative marking- ¼
The syllabus, previous
year question paper, book list for IB ACIO II have already been
shared. Kindly go through the post for a clear picture regarding the exam.
According to all previous year question papers, the question paper did not have section wise
questions. It was a consolidated paper of 100 questions with questions from
each section. Moreover, the number of questions in each section was not fixed
at 25, it had a different number of
question from each section. But this year the notification reads as 25
questions from each topic so maybe we can get a different pattern of paper this
It would be unfair to
call the difficulty level of IB ACIO tier 1 to be of same with SSC CGLE tier 1.
If you give a look at the paper you will know, the questions are a bit complicated.  There are very few direct questions. Let us
now see in detail how to prepare for each section.
General awareness :

This is the most confusing
and difficult part of the paper. There are very few direct questions. Maximum
questions were indirect and in relation to the
main topic. For example- they won’t ask what S.N. Bose discovered,
rather they ask which of the following scientist a classmate of S.N.Bose was.
This must be making
you clear that merely mugging up of stock gk will
not fetch good result. One has to get into the depth
of topics and at the same time not ignore the related stuff. So how to study the related stuff?
           We still have over a month for the
exam. So when you start reading a G.A topic try
reading about the persons or events you came across from Wikipedia and other
sources. You cannot mug them up. It’s
vast. So just visualize those persons and events etc as your real time things
and try remembering them as stories or movie characters etc.  
Let us now see which
topics should not be left out:
  1. Various missiles, ships etc of Indian Defence with their
    specifications and other significant details like year of launch etc.
  2. Important scholars, economists etc 
    of Indian as well as world history
    along with their quotes, books, achievements, schooling etc.
  3. Chronological order of major historical events
  4. Some botanical and zoological names ( you cannot ever judge
    which one is important so try remembering a few names )
  5. Important organs, diseases, hormones.
  6. Deep knowledge of various physical and chemical laws like the factors on which the law depends,
    variations, exceptions, inventor etc.
  7. All major government scheme since last year
  8. Important books and award winners since last year along
    with their runner ups.
  9. International wars and missiles and boundary lines.
  10. Important rivers, dams, and other geographical features
    along with their minute details.
  11. Thorough knowledge of Indian polity- executive, legislative, judiciary.
  12. Important organizations and their founders, year of
    establishment and headquarters


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And many more topics.
For someone who has
completed UPSC reference books for geography, history,
it won’t create many issues. For those who have not, do not panic there’s still time. Go through the Gk book you have and use Wikipedia or Google for detail information.

Recommended Downloads for IB ACIO:

  • 250 Pages Vocabulary PDF in Hindi & English – Download

Quantitative ability:
This section goes the
same as other exams but with tricky approach sometimes. So practice hard level
questions. Give special focus to Probability, number systems, caselets, logarithm
( 1-2 question). Other topics are common exam topics like profit and loss,
average, Sequence and  series, 
Geometry, etc. Practice the hard level questions form the quantitative aptitude book you have and increase your
speed. Make sure you practice all indirect type of questions.
Though data
interpretations questions were not seen in the previous years, keep yourself acquainted with different types of DI graphs .

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Logical/ Analytical ability:
This section comprises of both easy and tricky
questions. There will be short seating arrangements, rankings, coding, direction and blood test. We can also
expect short syllogisms and statements and conclusion type problems. For this
section, practice the reasoning stuffs available with you and increase your
speed.  A new type of series question
with a series of words appeared in CGLE 2017 ,
so we can expect a similar question in
this exam too.
The English section
needs deep grammar knowledge. So if you have not brushed up your high school
grammar yet, there is still time just go for it.  Random
mugging up of idioms, phrases and vocabulary
will not help. As for now, reading
comprehension has not been seen in this exam but we should be ready for short
passages and be able to fetch inference from it.   Parts of speech,
pronunciation of letters in different
words should also be paid attention to. Make sure you practice a lot of fill in
the blanks, error corrections and usage of words as different parts of
speech.  In previous years few English
questions were seen but this time according to notification 25 English language questions is expected.

Recommended Free Mock Tests for IB ACIO 2017:

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All the new pattern of
questions expected to be asked in this exam will be shared at Exampundit in due
time.  So just grab your books or your pdfs and start brushing them and leave no
stones unturned. Quizzes and any new helpful article regarding the exam will be
shared in due course. Stay tuned.
If you are unable to
get the material on any specific topic,
just let us know. You will be helped.


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Team ExamPundit