Daily Word List – Set 14

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the 14th set of Daily Word List.

1. Wayward: being insistent, having your own way, being headstrong or
                Example: We went wayward on our journey
and arrived two hours late.
2. Yearn: to want something strongly.
Example: If you yearn to expand your
taste buds, you should try food from a different culture.
3. Zenith: the highest point or peak.
Example: I wish him zenith amount of
success in his upcoming projects.
4. Vagrant: living on the streets, wandering.
Example:  The vagrant does not appear to work and
frequently asks tourists for money.
5. Vigilant:  watchful and
Example: In the aftermath of the
hurricane, the engineer had to stay vigilant as he looked far ahead for hazards
on the track.
6. Trivial: insignificant, or of no importance.
Example: It’s a complete waste of time
and energy to continue to argue over such a trivial matter.
7. Pique: arouse someone’s interest, curiosity or resentment.
Example: Hopefully the movie trailer
will pique the interest of moviegoers.
8. Liable: likely to do or experience something or to having legal
responsibility for something.
Example: If you poke a bear, you are
liable to get hurt.
Defile: something unclean,
either literally or figuratively.
Example: Humans continue to defile the
planet with their extravagance and waste of natural resources.
10. Abate: less or lower in amount or force than at a prior time.
                Example: I hope this medicine will
abate the pain in my leg.



Team ExamPundit


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