Daily Expected Questions – 11 December, 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the Daily Expected Questions of 11th December Current Affairs.

1. Recently Government of India slashed the Minimum Export Price (MEP)
of onions to ________.
– 400 dollar per tonne
2. Which of the following goods Minimum Export Price was recently
reduced by the Union Government
400 dollars per tonne?
– Onion
3. According to the union government, what was India’s rank in the
Women Empowerment Index 2015 of
– 135
4. Which of the following actors replaced Salman Khan to reach the top
spot in Forbes India’s top earning
– Shah Rukh Khan
5. With which of the following universities did O.P. Jindal Global
University sign a MoU to facilitate
between research universities in South Asia?
– Queen Mary University of London
6. Who among the following Bollywood actors was recently honored with
Lifetime Achievement Award at
International Film Festival?
– Naseeruddin Shah
7. Naseeruddin Shah was recently honored with Lifetime Achievement
Award at which of the following
– Dubai International Film
8. Who among the following authors received Mailer Prize for lifetime
achievement 2015?
– Salman Rushdie
9. Who was recently conferred with an honorary doctorate in
International Relations by Jawaharlal Nehru
– Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo
10. On My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power is the
autobiography of ___________.
– Sharad Pawar
11. Which of the following country recently inaugurated its second
stock exchange?
– Myanmar
12. Name the recently inaugurated stock exchange of Myanmar.
– Yangon Stock Exchange
13. The UN agencies launched $1.98 billion Sahel humanitarian appeal
for 2016. The Sahel region is
in which continent?
– Africa
14. Who among the following did recently swear in as President of
– Mauricio Macri Blanco
15. Mauricio Macri Blanco sworn in as the President of which of the
following countries?
– Argentina
16. Which of the following company recently appointed Sanjeev Sharma as
their Managing Director?
– ABB India Ltd


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