World Mental Health Day 2018




Mental harassment.

Peer pressure.


Sadly these are all a part of our world as much as anything else. But these are not something that are easily acknowledged by us, me included. We often confuse it with sadness. All of us have been sad at some point of our lives because of something that happened to us or with us. We overcome it sooner or later. We go on with our life. We do not forget what happened but eventually we get over the phase and embrace happiness. But there are some of us who are not just sad. We struggle a lot more than a person who is just sad. We find it terribly difficult to overcome something which might seem really small.

We all need to understand and recognize the thin line between sadness and depression. We need to look a little harder into the symptoms pointing out that someone might be so sad that he or she might go into depression or even take a step as terrifying as a suicide. If only, we made an effort to not let that ‘might’ change into ‘must’. All we need is to have a larger heart and not be afraid of talking about mental health in public like any other normal issue.

Also, we as the future of our country need to come forward and break the taboo and start ‘the talk’ about how important mental health is. With the bar of expectations rising day by day, it is crucial that we concede with the requirements of touching that bar. No person dealing with an issue like this will be able to survive for long.

And who is going to change that? We, of course! And this change will start from within. Let us all pledge on this #WorldMentalHealthDay that we won’t allow any negative thought or words to affect our mind or soul. We won’t allow any negativity come from us that might hurt someone. We as human beings won’t be ashamed of who we are or who we want to be and be comfortable with who others want to be too.

Our generation is here to bring about a change; a revolution; that would make this world a happier, sane, kind, loveable, grateful, and more comfortable place to live in. We won’t be judgmental about anyone because we don’t know their story and we would never fit in their shoes. Each one of us has a unique size.

We would not ignore the signs of issues relating to mental health and would encourage ourselves and others to be unapologetically ourselves and to be free to talk about any sort of troubling thoughts, because talking can solve almost everything!