What to Study for RBI Grade B 2016 – Phase I

Hello and welcome to exampundit . We have been receiving more than 100 messages through requesting RBI Grade B study plan. So, we have decided to give you a brief about the RBI Grade B Phase I Examination 2016.

So, what do you need to study? What should you expect? We are providing a detailed study plan of RBI Grade B Phase I examination.
1. General Awareness: The general awareness of RBI Grade B is expected to have Banking, Current Affairs as well as Stock GK. So, for this test, you need to focus and pay heed to the Banking Awareness materials. Firstly, it is the Banker’s Bank, the central bank, so you need to focus Banking Terms, News and various rates.
Its like if you are preparing for General Awareness for RBI Grade B, your priorities should be like this,
i. Banking Terms
ii. RBI Rates & Various News(last 3 months – Majors)
iii. Banking News and Appointments
iv. Current Affairs – Economic and Finance
v. Appointments News
vi. Stock GK
vii. Other news
We will provide a current affairs magazine as well as quiz pdf regarding RBI Grade B phase I general awareness. Till then follow our CA Quiz, Banking Awareness Quizzes and Daily Current Affairs Updates.

2. Quantitative Aptitude: When you are preparing for RBI Grade B, you must know one thing, you have to prepare well for this exam. Now, when it comes to Quantitative Aptitude, it is expected that you will need to do lengthy and calculative problems. Practice Data Interpretations, Profit & Loss, Interest, Time & Distance, Time & Work, Simplifications, Number Series as well as Quadratic Equations.
Practice a lot of calculations and create a suitable time management strategy for yourself. Time management will be very crucial.


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3. Reasoning: If you think too much about it, your preparation will not be perfect. So just start fresh and focus on Puzzles and Seating Arrangements. Puzzles and Seating Arrangements can and will be different every time, so focus on the speed and remember the patterns. Speed will help you to score maximum in Puzzles. 
On the other hand, practice Input/Output, Syllogisms, Statement and Assumptions and Course of Actions. To be on the safe side, do practice Inequalities.

4. English Language: For English, focus on Comprehension and Cloze Test. Now you might think, what is there in Cloze Test? But cloze test can be very difficult and confusing if you have not prepared well.
On the other hand, do focus on Sentence Rearrangements, Sentence Improvements. Vocabulary and Grammar will play a crucial role.
All the best.

May the force be with You.


Team ExamPundit

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