Vocabulary Quiz for RBI Grade B Phase I Exam 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of English Quiz for upcoming RBI Grade B Phase I and BMSB PO 2016 Exams.

DIRECTIONS (Q. 1-10) : In each of these questions four words are
given marked A, B, C and D. Two of these words are most nearly the SAME or OPPOSITE in meaning. Identify those two words:
1. A. Umpteen B. Waspish
C. Countless D. Testimony
1) A-C 2) B-C
3) C-D 4) A-B
5) None of these
2. A. Buffoon B. Scholar
C. Candid D. Gullible
1) A-D 2) B-C
3) C-D 4) A-B
5) None of these
3. A. Pandemonium B. Realm
C. Sporadic D. Tranquility
1) A-B 2) B-C
3) C-D 4) A-D
5) None of these
4. A. Fidgety B. Elation
C. Nervous D. Exuberant
1) B-C 2) A-B
3) B-D 4) A-C
5) None of these
5. A. Oblivious B. Kudos
C. Conscious D. Adulation
1) A-B 2) B-C
3) B-D 4) C-D
5) None of these
6. A. Iconoclast B. Critic
C. Luscious D. Naive
1) A-C 2) A-B
3) B-C 4) B-D
5) None of these
7. A. Lugubrious B. Cheerful
C. Welter D. Gaffe
1) B-D 2) A-B
3) C-D 4) B-D
5) None of these
8. A. Paltry B. Oriental
C. Occidental D. Obnoxious
1) A-D 2) B-D
3) B-C 4) C-D
5) None of these
9. A. Exorbitant B. Moderate
C. Ephemeral D. Mammoth
1) A-B 2) C-D
3) B-C 4) A-D
5) None of these
10. A. Peccable B. Lassitude
C. Jeopardy D. Perfect
1) B-C 2) A-D
3) C-D 4) B-D

5) None of these
1. 1) A. Umpteen means in large
number, countless.
B. Waspish means bad temper
D. Testimony means evidence,
Umpteen is synonym to option 3).
2. 4) A. Buffoon means a fool.
B. Scholar means a person with
good knowledge.
C. Candid means frank, unbiased
D. Gullible means a person who is
easily duped or cheated.
A-B are antonym in nature.
3. 4) A. Pandemonium means chaos
B. Realm-domain, sphere
C. Sporadic is scattered,
occurring casually.
D. Tranquility is peace
Thus, A and D are antonym to each
4. 4) A. Fidgety means nervous,
restless, uneasy.
B. Elation means to feel proud,
C. Nervous is feeling uneasy.
D. Exuberant means luxuriant,
A and C are synonym to each
5. 4) A. Oblivious is forgetful.
B. Kudos means fame renown.
C. Conscious means being aware of
D. Adulation- to praise
Thus c is antonym to A.
6. 2) A. Iconoclast means critic,
dissident rebel.
B. Critic means who says and
gives opinion about others.
C. Juscious means succulent,
D. Naive means artless frank.
Thus A and B are synonymous.
7. 2) A. Lugubrious means dismal
B. Cheerful means happy, gay
C. Welter is a confused mixture
of things or people.
D. Gaffe means a blunder.
Thus A and B are synonymous.
8. 3) A. Paltry means worthless,
B. Oriental is related to east
C. Occidental is to west.
D. Obnoxious means unpleasant,
Thus B and C are antonym.
9. 1) A. Exorbitant means
excessively high price.
B. Moderate means not in extreme,
not excessive
C. Ephemeral means short-live.
D. Mammoth large extinct species
of elephant.
Thus option 1) shows the antonym
10. 2) A. Peccable means
B. Lassitude mens weariness.
C. Jeopardy means great danger or
D. Perfect is completely good.

Thus A and D are antonyms.


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