Things You Should Not Do For Banking Exams in 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. So, SBI PO 2015-16 notification came out recently. On request we did give a Solved Previous Paper of SBI PO 2014. However, there are few things you need to follow for Banking Exams in 2015.

1. Don’t ask for Previous Papers before 2014. They are are Old with Old Standard Questions. We have witnessed the rising standard of questions in NICL AO. So Don’t ask for Previous Papers, they are useless now.

2. Forget the easy ones. Mostly, every aspirants have at least 2-3 exam experience. So, you need to raise the bar of your practice. Practice harder, at least give a try. We will be helping in everything. Still you have to accelerate by yourself too.

3. Dual Time Management or Single? Well more or less if you give your dedication to the Prelims of the exam then you will rapidly increase the time management skills. How?

The prelims have : 35 questions of each from Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude(as per SBI PO Notification) and you will have more or less 45 minutes for them. We assume you took 15 minutes for English. So if you can solve 70 questions 45 minutes or less then imagine, in the mains you will only have 100 questions from these two. So focusing on the Prelims time management will increase the time management skills rapidly. A lot of article will be rolled out.

4. NO MORE CUT-OFF. Since the Exam will have two written phase, the cut-offs from previous years are worthless. 

i) Exam in Two Phase so the Candidates will be different in numbers.
ii) Exam standard is rising. So you cannot compare with previous years.
iii) The Cut-off simply is useless as it hampers your dedication and motivation.

That’s all guys! We will soon launch a dedicated page for SBI PO! Just give us time! Take care and study hard. We are there to help you in all!


Team ExamPundit


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