Strategy for RBI Assistant Prelims 2016 – How to Attempt Maximum in 1 Hour

Hello and welcome to exampundit . So here is the official RBI Assistant Strategy provided by our mentor Ketan Thakur. This is the best strategy in term of attempting maximum and securing a good score.

Exam level will be very easy so you should aim for maximum. High attempts with high accuracy needed. Speed should be very good.

Its ideal to start with english and complete cloze test, error detection, rc vocab and move to reasoning.

Complete everything except puzzles and move to quant.

Complete quadratic equations, number series, simplification n approximation.

This should be round 1 of attempting of the exam. By now you must have exhausted roughly 30-35 mins.

Round 2 should start with reasoning and puzzles must be done here. In case you get stuck in any puzzle , skip and move forward to next one.

Now finish off english rc and parajumble and move to word problems in quant with whatever time is left.

All the best!


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