Spelling Test for SSC CGL 2016 – Set 1

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are 10 questions which have 4 words as each options. You need to find out the misspelt word from the options.

At least 7 attempts needed to get score.

1. (a) Despair (b) Desperate (c) Maintain (d) Maintainance
2. (a) Photostate (b) Palmistry (c) Posthumous (d) Polytechnic
3. (a) Termination (b) Culmination (c) Determination (d)
4. (a) Voluntary (b) Vomiting (c) Vocabulary (d) Vicisitude
5. (a) Mortgaze (b) Manicure (c) Miraculous (d) Mesmeric
6. (a) Pellicle (b) Pilgrimage (c) Portrait (d) Parepet
7. (a) Sceptic (b) Agnostic (c) Prolific (d) Assetic
8. (a) Miscelleneous (b) Mathematics (c) Cautiously (d)
9. (a) Soldier (b) Beautiful (c) Infinite (d) Clearify
10. (a) Sandwitch (b) Sculpture (c) Secrecy (d) Sovereign


  1. Ruchi
  2. Ami Sourav
  3. Kushagra


Team ExamPundit


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