SBI PO Prelims 2017 Strategy – Score Maximum in One Hour with Accuracy


Hello and welcome to exampundit. So here is the Strategy to Score Maximum in SBI PO Prelims 2017. This is provided by a SBI PO, so the effectiveness will be much higher.

Phase 1: Prelims

Aim: to filter capable students from crowd
of 20-22 lakhs or to eliminate non-serious candidates
Pattern: whether it is of clerk or PO exam,
prelims pattern is almost same. It consists of

No. of
Full marks

  • Puzzles
  • Inequalities
  • Blood Relation Test
  • Direction Test

Quantitative Aptitude:
  • Data Interpretation – 1 easy 2 difficult
  • Profit & Loss
  • Compound Interest
  • Time & Work
  • Average
  • Percentage

  • Error Correction
  • Comprehension
  • Cloze Test
  • Sentence Rearrangements


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1.     As it is to eliminate non-serious candidates,
the very 1st point is – no need to fear at all (provided you
are a serious/genuine candidate).
2.     From starting itself, I’ve been continuously
saying – Prelims is not to test your knowledge. It checks your time management,
strategy, practice and above all, ability to perform well when time is running
3.     After your call letter is out (generally, it
happens 7-10 days before exam) and say you have your exam at 10AM. Give atleast
3-4 tests at 10AM itself so that your body-clock synchronizes at that time
Benefit: you will start
performing your optimum at that time and during exam, you will feel like you
are giving the same test that you usually give at home.
a.     In actual exam, start with the subject in
which you are best. Move fast and filter out easy ones. Try to finish this
section (only easy-moderate questions) in 15-18 minutes. If really it is your
best subject then definitely, you would have attempted 22-25 questions easily.
Reason: attempting 22-25 questions in mere
15-18 minutes enhances your self confidence that yes, in just 25% of time, I’ve
attempted almost 50% questions that is required to clear the cut-off.
(Generally, cut-off lies between 40-50%)
b.     After that, come to the subject in which you
are worst. Give sufficient time of 15-20 minutes in case of reasoning or maths
and 10-15 minutes in case of English. Try to do 10-15 questions with optimum
accuracy. Attempt less to minimize the chances of negative marking. Now
question is – why worst section is at 2nd order? Why not at
Reason: because in last
minutes, you are in hurry because you are running out of time. If you do your
worst section at last, then because of nervousness of last minutes.
c.      So far you would have attempted approx. 40
questions in just 35 min. At last, do your average subject. Try to solve
easy-moderate ones. You will be able to solve 15-20 questions in 15-20 min.
d.     You are now left with 5-10 min. Utilize it
for solving series/puzzles/parajumbles or error findings depending on your
personal choice which may vary from person to person.
So by this strategy,
you can easily attempt atleast 55-60 question in 60 min (in PO exams) with good

The Strategy is provided by 2016 SBI PO and exampundit’s
own, the one and only Bahubali J

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Team ExamPundit

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