SBI PO Prelims 2017: Error Correction and Para Jumble – Set 8

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims on error and para jumble.

Direction for questions 1 to 6:: Rearrange the following sentences (A),(B),(C),(D),(E), (F), (G) and
(H) to make a meaningful paragraph and answer the questions which follow:
technology has already been described as ‘cutting edge’ by a government panel headed
by DIPP secretary Ramesh Abhishek. Similarly, Chinese company LeEco will be
subjected to the same conditions if its claim of having ‘cutting edge’
technology is endorsed by panel.
completion of the first three years, such entities will be given the
flexibility to source according to their operational needs for the next five
years so that they don’t face much of a problem to enhance their manufacturing
(C)This means
they may not strictly adhere to the annual 30% sourcing rule in any of those
five years. Once the relaxed regime is over, they are mandated to comply with
mandatory 30% sourcing rule every year.
(D)The latest
move assumes significance after conflicting signals in recent months over
Apple’s bid to set up shop in India. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited India for the
first time in May with an aim to tap the world’s fastest growing smartphone
(E)Also, the
companies like Apple will be given a flexibility to source an average of 30% locally
over a five year period once the three ear exemption from the sourcing rule is
over. These changes were announced last year by the DIPP.
another Chinese company Xiaomi, which recently withdrew application for such a
waiver, will have to comply with the mandatory 30% sourcing rule from the
beginning should it wish to set up its own retail store.
(G)The cabinet
recently approved a three year exemption from 30% annual local sourcing
required for foreign single brand retail companies with ‘cutting edge
technology’ paving way for global players like Apple to open their first retail
store in India.
(H)However, by
the end of fifth year, such entities must have sourced an average of 30%
locally over that five-year period.
1. Which of the following sentence should
be the THIRD after the rearrangement?
(a) A
2. Which of the following sentence should
be the FOURTH after the rearrangement?
3. Which of the following sentence should
be the FIFTH after the rearrangement?
4. Which of the following sentence should
be the SIXTH after the rearrangement?
5. Which of the following sentence should
be the SEVENTH after the rearrangement?
6. Which of the
following sentence should be the EIGHTH after the rearrangement?
(e) H
for questions 7 to 11:
Answer the questions based
on the following information. In these questions, each sentence has been
divided into four parts, marked a, b, c and d. Identify that part of the
sentence which needs to be changed for the sentence to be grammatically
a) Almost all school teachers insist that
b) a student’s mother
c) is responsible for the student’s conduct
d) as well as his dress.
a) In the forthcoming elections
b) every man and woman
c) must vote for the candidate
d) of their choice.
a) If one has to decide
b) about the choice of a career
c) you should choose that option
d) which is really beneficial.
a) It is essential that diseases like
b) are detected and treated
c) as early as possible in order to
d) assure a successful cure.
a) The Mumbai police have found
b) the body of a man
c) who they believe to be
d) the prime suspect in a murder case.


The correct order is -GEBHCAFD
7. c ‘The student’s’ should be replaced
with ‘his’.
8. d We are talking about ‘every man or
woman’, therefore the pronoun used should be singular ‘his/her’, instead of
9. c The pronoun should remain consistent
throughout the sentence, hence ‘you’ should be replaced with ‘one’.
10. d ‘Assure’ is an intransitive verb and
should be followed by an object. The correct usage here would be ‘be sure of’.

11. c The man being referred here is the object
to the verb, hence ‘who’ should be replaced with ‘whom’.


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