SBI PO Descriptive – Letter to the newspaper editor informing the current condition of a river and steps to rejuvenate it

Hello and welcome to exampundit . We rolled out the SBI PO Descriptive Contest a few days back and we got a lot of responses. We will be publishing the BEST of the Lot. But that does not mean, your one was Bad. The topic “Letter to the newspaper editor informing the current condition of a river and steps to rejuvenate it” is aced by Puja.

2/A S. N. lane,
12th July, 2016
The Editor
Times of India
Subject: Informing
about the present scenario of river Hooghly and suggesting steps to rejuvenate
Respected Sir,
I want to express my views and
grievances about the present mourning scenario about river Ganga, which is
locally known as Hooghly thorough your esteemed column. As we all know river is
considered sacred and holy in our Indian culture. It is also the backbone of
Indian economy as many people earn their livelihood depending on river. As
India is a country based on agriculture, river plays an inevitable role to keep
pace in this sector. But it is very much concerning and painful that like many
other rivers in India, Hooghly has also lost its own entity due to high level
of pollution.
Industrialization is one of the
most important part to improve the economical background of the common people.
To enhance the industrial sector many petro-chemical institutes, oil factories
and other industrial set ups are being established on the bank of the river.
But the government and the respective authorities are not careful enough to
take precautions to save the river. Huge amount of industrial waste are mixing
with the water of the river regularly and polluting the water of the river.
Union government has initiated
many projects like Swachch Bharat Mission, Namami Gange projects to keep rivers
and our cities clean. But these initiatives are not enough to save the life and
sacredness of the rivers. They have to direct the industrial authorities to
manage their industrial waste in such a way that they cannot mix with the water
of the river and pollute it. Most importantly common people have to be more
careful and more concern to keep the life of their city clean and pollution free.
I hope my attempt will be fruitful to drag the attention of the concerning
authorities regarding this burning problem.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,



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