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          Natural disasters and awareness in

Natural disasters are extreme, sudden events
caused by environmental factors that injure people and damage property. A
‘natural disaster’ is a major event resulting from natural processes of earth.
It causes loss of lives and property. During such disasters, the number of
people who are rendered, tripled and houseless is more than the number of
people who loose their lives. Even the economy of the place which faces a
natural disaster, gets effected. It is true that a natural disaster is a
natural process, and we cannot stop it but by increasing awareness among people,
we can reduce the magnitude of the loss to life and property.
The earth is a dynamic entity that is
undergoing changes all the time. Normal changes such as those occurring to the
weather and the seasons are part and parcel of living. We live our lives according to these changes regardless of
whether we like it or not. However, sometimes the forces of nature cause great
and drastic changes, and for us, the effect can be disastrous. The natural disasters
that really affect people worldwide tend to become more intense as the years
goes on. Frequency of earthquakes, mega storms, and heat waves has gone up
considerably in the last few decades.  We as human beings can only reduce the effect
of natural disasters by increasing awareness among people about these natural
disasters and by doing some preparations.
The key to reducing loss of life, personal
injuries, and damage from natural disasters is widespread public awareness and
education. People must be made aware of what natural hazards they are likely to
face. They should know in advance what specific preparations to make before any
kind of natural disaster, what to do during a hurricane, earthquake, flood,
fire, or other likely event, and what actions to take in its aftermath.
Televisions, Radio, and Social media platforms can also a play a very important
role in increasing public awareness about any natural disaster.
Apart from increasing public awareness we can
do some preparations, to save human beings from these disastrous natural events.
We should also have insurance policies so that we could have sufficient money
to rebuilt our lives after any such disaster. The scientists should invent
advance warning systems. While construction we should make sure that it is
strong enough to withstand earthquakes. We should educate people about
evacuation during any disaster.  



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