SBI Clerk 2018: Reasoning Ability Quiz – 11

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Puzzle problems for SBI Clerk 2018 Prelims.


Puzzle 1

8 People ABCDPQRS. They eat 8 different Foods Burger, Taco, Nacho, Quesadilla, Pizza, Cheesecake, Sandwich & Burrito. They have 8 different Birthdates 25 September, 26 June, 12 May, 1 April, 30 January, 17 August, 7 December & 11 March.

S’s birthdate is on 26th June. A neither eats Burger nor Pizza. D and Q’s birthdate are neither 25th September nor 7th December. P neither eats Burrito nor Burger. Taco is eaten by neither D nor S. Pizza is eaten by neither P nor S. S neither eats Burger nor Sandwich. A’s birthdate is on 30th August but he does not eat Taco. B likes to eat Nacho and his birthdate is on 17th August. D neither eats Sandwich nor Burger. P’s birthdate is neither 11th March nor 7th December. The person whose birthdate is on 1st April neither eats pizza nor Taco. The person who eats Sandwich, celebrates his birthdate on 12th May. R eats quesadilla but neither his birthdate is on 1st April nor om 25th September. Q neither eats Sandwich nor Taco. C neither eats Taco nor Pizza. The person who eats Burrito,celebrates his birthdate neither on 26th June nor on 25th September.

  1. Who eats Pizza?

(A) A

(B) D

(C) C

(D) Q




  1. Find out the true statement-

(A) S – Taco – 25th September.

(B) C – Sandwich – 1st April.

(C) A – Burrito – 30th August.

(D) None is true.




  1. P’s birthdate is on –

(A) 11th March.

(B) 1st April.

(C) 30 August.

(D) None of these.



  1. Q eats-

(A) Pizza.

(B) Burger.

(C) Taco.

(D) Nacho.




  1. R’s birthdate is on –

(A) 11th March.

(B) 12th May.

(C) 7th December.

(D) none of these.




  1. A’s birthdate is on-

(A) 30th August.

(B) 17th August.

(C) None of these.

(D) 1st April.


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Puzzle 2

6 Cars which are of 3 different Colors – Red, Black, White. Not more than 2cars are of same colours. Among them there are 4 Private Cars, 2 Rented Cars. The companies are Hyundai, Honda, Ford, Tata, Maruti & Toyota. The rented cars’ colours are not white. Neither Honda nor Toyota is rented. Ford’s colour is white. Hyundai’s color is neither black nor white. Tata is a private car but not in black colour. Honda and Ford’s colours are same. Maruti and Toyota’s colors are same also.

  1. Which are rented cars?

(A) Hyundai and Maruti.

(B) Maruti and Toyota.

(C) Hyundai and Toyota.

(D) None of these.




  1. Which cars are in white colour?

(A)  Honda and Hyundai.

(B) Maruti and Toyota.

(C) Honda and Ford.

(D) Tata and Ford




  1. Which cars are black in colour?

(A)  Maruti and Ford

(B) Honda and Ford

(C) Hyundai and Tata

(D) None of these



  1. Toyota’s colour is-

(A) Red

(B) White

(C) Black

(D) Cannot be determined


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