Reasoning Quiz – Puzzle – NABARD Grade A 2018 – 2

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Puzzle for NABARD Grade A 2018 Phase I Examination.


Highlight Wallets Application Automatic  M*9 L₹7 L₹9 C*2

Optimizations Payment Backups Interrupted

K₹7  R*2 M₹7  Z*4

  1. What is the code for shoot?

(A) T*5

(B) S*5

(C) O₹5

(D) S₹5


Option: C



  1. L₹7 is the code for-

(A) Highlight

(B) Wallets

(C) Automatic

(D) Application



Option: B


  1. What is the code for Space?

(A) E*5

(B) S₹5

(C) E₹4

(D) A*5



Option: D


  1. M₹7 is the code for-

(A) Optimizations

(B) Payment

(C) Backups

(D) None of these



Option: B


  1. The code for Interrupted is-

(A) Z*4

(B) R*2

(C) K₹7

(D) None of these



Option: B


1st digit: the middle letter of the word.

2nd digit : if the first and last letters are consonant and vowel or vowel and consonant then * and if they are both consonant then ₹.

3rd digit: the total number of letters.( In case of two digits number, just use the sum of them)






8 people A,B,C,D,P,Q,R,S live on 8 different floors of a building. The ground floor is numbered as 1st floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor and so on. Five of them have Garage space of their own and three of them took flat at down payment and rest at EMI. The person who lives on 5th floor took flat at down payment. D has purchased flat at down payment and lives in between the persons who took flat at EMI. C who took flat at down payment ,lives on an even numbered floor above B who lives in between two people who have garage space. There is one person in between B and Q. The people above P have garage spaces. S lives on an odd numbered floor who has garage space. R lives on third floor above S but below B. There are three persons in between P and D,but neither of them lives on the top floor. There are 3persons in between R and Q.

  1. Who do not have garage space?

(A) B,Q,S

(B) Q,R,C

(C) B,D,R

(D) B,D,S



Option: C



  1. Who lives on fourth floor?

(A) A

(B) B

(C) P

(D) None of them



Option: A


  1. Who have taken flats at EMI?

(A) A,C,D,P,Q

(B) A,P,Q,R,S

(C) Except B,C,P

(D) P,Q,R,S,D



Option: B



  1. Who lives on the top most floor?

(A) Q

(B) D

(C) A

(D) None of them



Option: D


  1. How many persons are there in between S and D?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) None



Option: D

Floor Person Garage Space Mode of Payment
8  C  Garage Space   Down Payment
7  Q  Garage Space  EMI
6  P  Garage Space  EMI
5  B  /  Down Payment
4  A  Garage Space  EMI
3  R  /  EMI
2  D  /  Down Payment
1  S  Garage Space  EMI





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