Reasoning Quiz for Bank Exams 2015 – Set 22 – Input Output – Coding Decoding

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the following questions: 

If A D
B means A is mother of B.
If A ϕ B means A is the brother of B.
If A $ B means A is
the husband of B.
If A% B means A is
the father of B.
If A – B means A is
the daughter of B.
1. What should come
in place of question mark to establish that Q is sister of T in the expression?
Q – C % U ? T % P
(a) ϕ
(b) D
(c) $
(d) –
(e) either – or %

Solutions –

2. Which of the given
expression indicates that M is son of Y?

(a) S % O $ Y D
C ϕ M
(b) S D
O $ Y D M ϕ C
(c) S% O % Y D
C – M
(d) Y D
S $ ϕ D M ϕ C
(e) S $ Y – O % M – T

Solutions –

3. Which of the
following options is true if the expression K
D N %
C – M is definitely true?

(a) J is daughter of N
(b) C is son of N
(c) K is grand father of C
(d) M daughter-in-law of K
(e) J is sister of C

Solutions –

4. Which of the
following expression is true if V is daughter of X is definitely false?

(a) M % I F
SF V – X
(b) M D
(c) X D
(d) M $ X D
(e) None of these

Solutions –

5. What should be
come in place of question mark to establish that T is brother-in-law of J in
the expression

I % T F
R ? J
(a) –
(b) %
(c) F
(d) $
(e) Either $ or D

Solutions –

Directions (Q. 6-10)
: Study the information and answer the following questions.

In certain code language, ‘total
flooring area with wood’ is written as ‘pa da te ro hi’, ‘marble cost in
total’. is written as ‘co hi ni zo’, ‘Marble with tiles’ is written as ‘te zo
ga’, ‘wood tiles cost much’ is written as ‘ga cha da ni’, ‘ square area’ is
written as ‘ro su’.
6. What is the code
for ‘flooring’ in the given code language?
(a) hi
(b) ro
(c) pa
(d) te
(e) da
7. Which of the
following does ‘ga’ stands for?
(a) cost
(b) much
(c) tiles
(d) wood
(e) can’t be determined
8. Which of the
following is the possible code for ‘wood door in cost’?
(a) su do ni co
(b) mo da ni zo
(c) su ga re mo
(d) mo co da ni
(e) None of these
9. Which of the
following is represented by the code ‘da ni cha’
(a) wood cost much
(b) wood flooring area
(c) much flooring area
(d) wood much total
(e) can’t be determined
10. Which of the
following is the code for ‘Marble flooring area.’
(a) pa da ga
(b) zo ro pa
(c) su ra za
(d) pa ro su
(e) None of these

Solutions -Total flooring area with wood – pa da te ro hi …….. (i)
Marble cost in total – co he ni zo ………………. (ii)
Marble with tiles – te zo ga …………….. (iii)
Wood tiles cost much – ga cha da ni ……………. (iv)
square area – ro su ………………. (v)
We get
From I , II : Total – hi
From I and III – with – te
From I and IV – wood – da
From I and V – area – ro
From II and III – Marble – zo
From III – tiles – ga
From II and IV – Cost – ni
From IV – much – cha
From V – square – S 4
From II – in – Co
From I – Flooring – Pa

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D denotes Δ
F denotes ϕ


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