Reasoning Quiz: Data Sufficiency for Upcoming IBPS PO Prelims 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz on Data Sufficiency for the upcoming IBPS PO Prelims 2017.

This data
sufficiency problem consists of a question and two statements, labelled (1) and
(2), in which certain data are given. You have to decide whether the data given
in the statements are sufficient for answering the question. Using the data
given in the statements, plus your knowledge of mathematics and everyday facts
(such as the number of days in July or the meaning of the word counter clockwise),
you must indicate whether:
  • Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement
    (2) alone is not sufficient to answer the question asked.
  • Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement
    (1) alone is not sufficient to answer the question asked.
  • BOTH statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are sufficient
    to answer the question asked, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient to
    answer the question asked.
  • EACH statement ALONE is sufficient to answer the
    question asked.
  • Statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient
    to answer the question asked, and additional data specific to the problem are

Q1. Which direction is Maya facing?
  1. In the morning Maya was standing in front of a
    puppet and the shadow of the puppet was falling to the right of Maya.
  2. In the morning Maya was standing on the ground. Her
    shadow was falling behind her when she turned to her left.

Q2. Who among A B C D and E teaches Physics?
  1. Each one of then teaches only one subject. B
    teaches maths. E teaches science. A or C does not teach Geography. A or D does
    not teach English.
  2. C and E are teachers of English and Science
    respectively. A is the teacher of Maths.

Q3. In a row of boys facing south who is immediate left Rama?
  1. Suresh is immediate right to Chandra, who is fourth
    to the right of Rama.
  2. Suresh is third to the right of Rama and Naresh is
    second of the right of Suresh.

Q4. Who has secured the maximum marks among the 6 friends A B C D E F?
  1. B secured less marks than A and F but not less than
    C, D and E.
  2. F secured more marks than B but not as much as A.

Q5. What will be the position of hour hand of a clock at 7:30 PM?
  1. There are English alphabets on the dial of the
    clock instead of digits.
  2. The hour hand is at P at 7 o’ clock.

Q6. Manish’s flat is on which floor of the five-floor apartment?
  1. His flat is immediately above Gaurav’s flat whose
    flat is exactly above Nitin’s first floor flat.
  2. Jaya’s flat, which is adjacent to Manish’s flat is
    exactly below Noor’s flat, which is on fourth floor.

Q7. At present how many villagers are voters in village ‘X’?
  1. There were 860 voters in village X in the list prepared
    for the last election.
  2. The present list of village X has 15% less voters
    than the previous year’s list.

Q8. How many stations are there while going from station X to station Y?
  1. Station G precedes station Y and station K is next
    to station X.
  2. Station M is third from K and there are 4 stations
    between M and Y.

Q9. How many books did Dinesh purchase in ‘X’ bookshop?
  1. Dinesh wanted to purchase 65 books, but only 45
    books were available in shop x.
  2. Dinesh selected 37 books and asked for some credit
    to which the shop keeper did not agree.

Q10. If the first day of a month is Thursday, how many days were there
in that month?
  1. The fourth Sunday happens to be on the 25th.
  2. The last day of the month was the fifth Saturday of
    that month.
Answers and explanations:
1. 3 From 1 – It means sun is to the left of maya and since it is morning, the left of maya is east. Hence maya is facing south.
From 2 – Sun is to the left of maya. Hence, she is facing south.
2. 1 From 1 – A teaches physics (the name of other subjects is given and A teaches none of them)
From 2 – Either B or D teaches physics.
3. 4 From 1 – Rama _ _ _ Chandra suresh (hence cannot be determined.
From 2 – Rama _ _ suresh _ _ naresh (hence cannot be determined)
4. 5 From 1 – A, F>B>C, D, E
Either A or F has secured maximum marks
From 2 – A>F>B
From 1 and 2, A secured the maximum marks.
5. 4 At 7:30 PM, the hour hand of the clock will be between 7 and 8.  The alphabet code of 8 cannot be known from the given statements.
6. 3 From 1- Manish’s flat is on 3rd floor.
From 2 – Manish’s flat is on 3rd floor.
7. 5 I gives us the no. of voters in the last election. Subtracting 15% will give the answer.
8. 5 X K _ , _ G Y _ (i)
K _ _ M; M _ _ _ _ Y (ii)
Combining I and II we get X K _ _ M _ _ _ G Y.
Thus there are eight stations between X and Y.
9. 2 desire to purchase a thing is not enough. Money matters.
10.  2 From 1- no additional information; it may be calculated from the statement itself.
From 2 – Thursday is the 1st day (given). So the first Saturday will be the 3rd day and 5th Saturday = 3 + 4 * 7 = 31st day. Since 31st is the last day. There were 31 days in that month.

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