RBI Grabe B 2018 Phase I – 10 Days Tips


Aug 16, 2018, is approaching fast which will be the day when you will be tested for RBI Grade B Phase I. Lakhs of aspirants will be in your competition for this coveted profile. If your preparations are all through, you can make a difference by staying calm and relaxed and keep practicing one mock test per day. You also need to work on the analysis on a daily basis on your weak areas as identified by mock tests’ analysis. Since you already would have covered a majority of the topics there is little or no need to learn any new topic now.

Stick to your study plan

This is the perfect time to stick to your study plan. Even if you haven’t started with a study plan, there is no need to lose hope. Start with taking one mock test per day (the first mock test being free) and work on the weak areas highlighted in the mock tests. Now is the right time to be concentrated and make optimum use of your time towards working on those areas which need improvement.

Know your strong areas and more importantly, keep a track of your weak ones

Try finishing questions from your strong threshold. Since you would be thorough with the concepts, it shouldn’t take much time for you to finish those questions with high accuracy. If you have been taking mock tests on a regular basis, you must be getting an idea of the sections you are spending more time on. Practice more on those areas where you are spending more time. Consistent practice will definitely improve your performance in those areas.

Read all the questions

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring any question so much as to not read it at all. Read all the questions. There are chances that some questions can be easy enough to be solved without picking a pencil. At the same time, if a particular question is taking much time, don’t hesitate in skipping it. Bear in mind that you need to clear the sectional cut-offs in Phase I along with getting a really good total score.

Be mindful of negative marking

There isn’t any negative marking for unattempted questions. However, be forewarned that wrong answers attract a negative mark of 0.25 per answer. It is better not to attempt a question rather than wrongly guessing it. Answer only those questions which you are sure of.

Time Management

Since there isn’t any sectional time limit, you are free to roam within sections. Try different strategies in different mock tests to arrive at one strategy which enables you to score maximum marks. Stick to your time limits in the actual exam.

Keep your documents handy

Keep 1 photograph and photocopy of the ID proof handy. Don’t leave anything for the last moment. On Aug 16, carefully check if you are carrying all the documents and your stationery.

Avoid taking any mock test on the last day. Maximum what you can do is to revise general awareness. We wish you all the very best for your exam!

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