Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 2015 – Set 4

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude quiz.

1. Pradip, Suresh and
Kaushik invest in a partnership in the ratio 7/2, 4/3,
6/5 respectively. After 4
months, Pradip increases his share 50%. If the total profit at the end
of one year be Rs 32,400, then what
share in the profit is?
(a) Rs 2000
(b) Rs 3000
(c) Rs 4000
(d) Rs 5000
(e) Rs 6000
2. If the number 481
* 637 is completely divisible by 9, what is the smallest number in place of * ?
(a) 3
(b) 7
(c) 5
(d) 9
(e) 2
3. On dividing a
number by 56, we get 29 as remainder. On dividing the same number by 8, what is
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5
(e) 7
4. A metro shopkeeper
has 2 cans of milk. The first contains 30% water and the rest milk. The second

contains 50% water. How much milk should
he mix from each of the cans so as to get 12 litres of milk
such that the ratio of water to milk is 3:5?
(a) 5 lit, 7 lit.
(b) 9 lit, 3 lit.
(c) 7.5 lit, 4.5 lit.
(d) 4 lit, 8 lit.
(e) None of these
5. There are 6
working days in a regular week and for each day, 10 hours is working hours. A
earns Rs 2.10 per hour. For
regular work and Rs 4.20 per hour for overtime. If he earns Rs 525 in 4 weeks,

how many hours did she work ?
(a) 245
(b) 225
(c) 275
(d) 255
(e) 235
6. An athlete has to
cover a distance of 18 km in 45 minutes. If he covers half of the distance in
1/3rd of
the total time, what should
be his speed (km/hr.) to cover the remaining distance in time ?
(a) 15 km/h.
(b) 12 km/h.
(c) 18 km/h.
(d) 9 km/h.
(e) 15 km/h.
7. Two metro trains
each 120m long are moving in opposite directions. They cross each other in 8

seconds. If one is moving twice as fast
the other, the speed of the faster metro train is
(a) 75 km/hr.
(b) 72km/hr.
(c) 45 km/hr.
(d) 60 km/hr.
(e) 50 km/hr.
8. George Bailey makes
a score of 96 runs in the 17th inning and thus increases his average by 4. What
his average after 17th
(a) 32
(b) 35
(c) 42
(d) 36
(e) 33
9. A Girl can row 30
km/hr. in still water and the river is running at 10 km/hr. If she takes 3 hour
to row
to a place and back, how far
is the place ?
(a) 16 km.
(b) 30 km.
(c) 40 km.
(d) 50 km.
(e) 60 km
10. Anil father was
32 years of age when he was born, while his mother was 27 years, when his
three years younger to him
was born, what is the difference between age of his parents?
(a) 6 years
(b) 5 years
(c) 4 years
(d) 3 years
(e) 8 year


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