Motivational Monday S02E09 – Dreams vs Life

Everyone has some dreams. Dreams that don’t let you sleep at night.  Dreams that get you going in the morning. Dreams that set your soul on fire. Dreams that makes you different from the world. Dreams that makes you want to fast forward to the future where you are all accomplished and living your dream life. But then there is life!

Life is something that people say we have chosen for ourselves but for most of the time it is what is destined to be. And the biggest roadblock on the road of your dreams is sometimes life because life and dreams never go hand in hand. Life demands different things from what your dreams need. They have their own paths and most often it is opposite to each other. But this is not something you can do about. The only thing you can do is find a balance between life and your dreams.

In that case we have to be our own motivator. Firstly because no one can understand your dreams better than you. Secondly because no one better than you can fuel the fire inside you. The world is ice cold. The people in it are too busy with their own life problems. So let the fire inside you keep igniting and break the ice around you. Let your dreams define your life and not the other way round. Never ever let the life define your dreams.