Motivational Monday S02E03: The fogs


In life, there are a lot of people who surround you. We are influenced by some of them and some change because of you. It’s a give and take relationship with every other human being you come in contact with. We learn something from each of them and with that develops our personality. But there are also people around us who we don’t like. It seems like there is nothing that we can learn from them. No. These are the fogs. There is something that you can learn from them too; which is not be like them.

My point here is that we all focus on what we want to become in life, how we want to be known and what should our future look like but it’s rare we think about the traits that we need to keep at bay. We sometimes don’t realize that we might have the same attribute that we hate in someone else until someone else points it out. Achi baaten to sab sun lete hain but sach sab nahi sun paate. It’s very important to know your true self, including your flaws.

This world is a strange place. The minute you succeed at something, you become an important personality. The behaviors of people around you change and you suddenly start feeling like you are the one that world revolves around. Obviously, we don’t completely believe that but it seems like so. Success is an easy thing to get to your head. It is when things which look good are actually a trap. Dig a bit deeper to find that out. Allow yourself to observe every soul you meet and know who are to be kept close and with whom the distance is to be maintained.

This competitive world gives us reality checks every now and then. And these are important in order to clarify your vision. Vision does not only mean to see what you want to be. It is complete only when you are clear in your mind about what you don’t want to be. Experiences are a great lesson but sometimes preventions are better. If you can see your soul in the mirror there is nothing in the world that could destroy you. But remember to clear the vision every time fog comes.

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