Marketing Quiz for SBI PO 2015-16 – Set 2

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is another set of Marketing Quiz for SBI PO

1. Traditional
marketing style involves
(a) Telemarketing
(b) Digital Marketing
(c) Indirect Marketing
(d) Direct Marketing
(e) None of these
2. In marketing POS
(a) Preparation for Sales
(b) Point of Superiority
(c) Point of Sales
(d) Primary Outlook of Salesmen
(e) Position of Sales
3. Niche Market means
a _____.
(a) free market
(b) social market
(c) equity market
(d) capital market
(e) specified market for a target group
4. Qualities
essential in good marketing are ____.
(a) aggressiveness
(b) pushy
(c) perseverance
(d) politeness
(e) Only (c) and (d)
5. Market Research is
needed for
(a) deciding market area
(b) deciding the right product
(c) making proper marketing decisions
(d) deciding sales timings
(e) All of these
6. Marketing
communication has the objective of _____.
(a) Building awareness
(b) Stimulating action
(c) Both [a] and [b]
(d) Selling goods
(e) None of the above
7. Power in marketing
channels is now with _____ ?
(a) Distributor
(b) Manufacturer
(c) Retailer
(d) Wholesaler
(e) Consumer
8. If Marketing is
done effectively, _____ is not required
(a) Advertisment
(b) Pubilicity
(c) Market Research
(d) Market Segmentation
(e) None of these
9. Relationship
Marketing is useful for
(a) trade between relatives
(b) trade between sister concerns
(c) cross-selling of products
(d) preparing a list of relatives
(e) There is no such term as Relationship Marketing
10. Networking helps
in marking Marketing Function
(a) a difficult task
(b) a laborious task
(c) an easier task
(d) Networking is worthless in Marketing
(e) Networking has a partial role
11. A DSA helps in
_____ .
(a) Boosting direct sales
(b) Boosting sales through internet
(c) Strong Indirect Marketing
(d) Effective Telemaketing
(e) All of these
12. Mark the
incorrect statement
(a) marketing has no relevance for public sector banks
(b) marketing has no relevance in Private Sector Banks
(c) marketing has no relevance in Foreign Banks
(d) All of these
(e) None of these
13. Marketing is
required in banks due to
(a) globalisation
(b) computerisation
(c) larger population
(d) government policies
(e) both (a) and (d)
14. Online Marketing
is the function of which of the following ?
(a) Purchase Section
(b) Production Department
(c) IT Department
(d) Designs Section
(e) A collective function of all staff
15. Customisation is
useful for
(a) Designing customer specific products
(b) Call centres
(c) Publicity
(d) Motivating the staff
(e) Cold calls
16. The key challenge
to market-driven strategy is
(a) Selling maximum products
(b) Employing maximum DSAs
(c) Delivering superior value to customers
(d) Being rigid to changes
(e) Adopting short-term vision
17. Effective selling
skills depends on
(a) Size of the sales team
(b) Age of the sales team
(c) Peer strength
(d) Knowledge level of the sales team
(e) Educational level of the sales team
18. Generation of
sales leads can be improved by
(a) Being very talkative
(b) Increasing personal and professional contacts
(c) Being passive
(d) Engaging Recovery Agents
(e) Product designs

19. A Market Plan is
(a) Performance Appraisal of marketing staff
(b) Company Prospectus
(c) Documented marketing strategies
(d) Business targets
(e) Call centre
20. Marketing
channels mean
(a) Delivery objects
(b) Sales targets
(c) Distribution Chanel
(d) Delivery boys
(e) Sales teams


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