Interview Experience – SEBI Grade A Officer 2015 – Sumeet

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience shared by Sumeet of SEBI Grade A Officer 2015 Recruitment.

Hello guys…
This is sumeet khaire..

Here i am sharing SEBI interview experiance..coz b4 dis whenever i was searching for sebi interview experience..i wouldn’t find anything..
To overcome dis..first interview experiance..
Hopefully it will help u all..

Post:Grade A officer(SEBI)

Interview venue:BANDRA, MUMBAI HQ

Reached dere at 8.30am..
Document  verification started at 9am..
It hardly took 10mins only…

Only 10membERS are dere…n as usual i was 10th in dat list:D :-)…
My turn came around 3.10pm..after heavy lunch.

Dere r 3members in panel..all r male…:-)

M1:so sumeet tell me something abt ur educational background..


M2:as u have mentioned u worked wid some elaborate ur working??..

Me: told almost single single point. Wat was my job profile n all..

M3:so why did u left dat job?..

Me: just coz of job security n future my family members r working in an govt sect..

M3:oh really .grt .
I am satisfied wat u said..

M1:as u r asst manager in IDBI bank..den why do u want to leave ur present job??..

Me:sir, human tendency..if we got sum gud option other than wat we have..
All started laughing..:-)
Ohhk other reason plzz. 
Explained dem in details..

M2:so wat u knw abt stock market??..

Me:only basic knowledge sir..

M3:what is difference between primary market n seconday market??.

Me:explained..looks satisfied

He continuedly bambarding question at me 
Difference between venture capital and mutual fund??..

How many stock exchanges in 
What is traded on stock exchanges??..
Me:dere are 21 stock exchange in india..
N on dat..equity bonds debentures are traded..
M3:What is de-mat account??..

Me:Told in detail
Who maintained dat account??..
Me:Bank..acts as agent..
M3: Ohk,but who operate dat?..
M3:Gud,m expecting d same frm u..

M1:from where u get all dis information??..

Me:sir online n some wat i had read in my mba also..

M1:ohhk thank u sumeet..

I make dem satisfied wid my answers..
Let see now..:-):D…

Result will be in dis month only


Team ExamPundit


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