Interview Experience – IDBI Manipal 2015 – Namrata

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of IDBI Manipal 2015 Shared by Namrata from Bhubaneswar.

Venue: Hotel Excellency, Bhubaneswar
Reporting Time: 1:30 pm
Panel: ii

There were 4 members including 3 males and 1 female.

M1: Introduce yourself.
M2: Being an engineering student why you want to join bank?
M2: What is the latest operating system and its features?
Me: Windows 10 (But couldn’t tell the features)
M1: What does your father do?
M2: What was your favourite subject in Engineering?
M3: If I want to connect with all 1700 branches of IDBI bank in one place then what should I do?
Me: It can be done through video conferencing.
M3: In video conferencing, which technology is used?
Me: Don’t know exactly. But told something.
Madam: CBS?
Madam: Name the 27th public sector bank and what is its significance?
M2: In NASA, ISRO what are the devices used? (As I am from Electronics and Communication Engineering branch)
Me: Fumbled as I had not expected this type of question. But told somehow that transmitter, receiver, modulator, demodulator are used.
M2: If there are some important work in office, also you have your sister’s marriage   on the same day, how will u manage? (Asked this question because I told earlier in my introduction that I like to finish today’s task today itself.)
Me: I will do according to the priority. But they weren’t convinced.
M3: Won’t you take leave?
Me: (Then suddenly I came to his point) and said yes sir I will apply for leave.
M3: Then again he asked me if at your home your parents are sick and it’s an emergency case, you are the only child then which work will you give priority ?? Office work or attending your parents??
Me: I was totally irritated. Simply I smiled repeated my previous answer.

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