Important Static GK Topics for Bank Exams

Hello and welcome to exampundit. A lot of people have asked us to provide a list of Important Static GK Topics for Bank Exams especially Akshita. So today, we will be sharing all the Important Static GK Topics for Bank Exams which will help you to score more in General Awareness.

Since 2015, Static GK has been an integral part of the Banking Examinations. So it is important for every aspirants to mug up all the Important Static GK Topics for Bank Exams.

Important Static GK Topics for Bank Exams

There has been 2 types of Static GK in every exam. 1. Static GK and 2. Static GK from Current Affairs.

Now let us discuss the topics that falls under these categories.

Static GK – Static GK not from current affairs in simple words

  1. Powerplants in India
  2. Stadiums in India
  3. Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
  4. National Parks and Bird Sanctuaries of India
  5. Tiger Reserves in India
  6. Major Airports of India
  7. Indian Cities on River Banks
  8. State Symbols and Capital Cities
  9. Research and Educational Institutes of India
  10. Public Sector Companies and their HQs
  11. Important Ports in India
  12. Major Folk Dances in India
  13. Festivals of Indian States – Important only
  14. Important lakes in India
  15. Important Palaces and Forts
  16. Major Temples in India
  17. Important Dams in India
  18. UN Bodies and HQs
  19. Major International Bodies and HQs
  20. Important Awards and their fields

These are the Important Static GK topics which usually do not appear in any news but they definitely appear in the Bank Exams.

Static GK from Current Affairs – Static GK that are from current affairs or came in news in simple words

  1. Important Days – Usually Dates in Exam Month + Next Month. Which means if your exam date is on 5th July, you should study the important days and their themes from June 15 up to August. Because usually the questions related to days come from post exam date you do not need worry about studying themes of future days.
  2. Currency & Capitals – Currency and Capitals questions appear from the nations that were in news recently. Mostly in last 3 months. All the Nations mentioned in MoUs, Visits, Appointments, Achievements are important.
  3. First things – Although these are current affairs but still a “First” is always a first. This is we always provide First PDFs where we cover all the first things happened in India, World, Banking and Finance.


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These are the Most Important Static GK Topics for Bank Exams which will help you in all the exams like IBPS, SBI, BOB, Syndicate PGDBF exams.

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