IBPS IT Officer Pitch Report 2017 – Last Minute Advice | Important Topics in PK

Hello and welcome to exampundit. So we will be presenting
Pitch Report before every examination. Pitch Report is similar to what we get
in Cricket. We will  giving our analysis report and last few days
preparation plans. What to study, what to do everything. So lets get started.

Hello friends, I am Siddharth Rohan and I am here to share
the last minute advice with you all for the Upcoming IBPS IT Officer
Examination 28-01-2017. Only 4 days are left for the IBPS IT Officer
examination and these four days are important to mug up the self notes
without trying any new bit. Just focus on MCQs of different types in these
crucial last 4 days
A)     Quantitative Aptitude –
The level of paper will be PGDM PO level Exams – So try to score minimum
20-25/50 with good accuracy (30 Mins) ) ( IBPS may surprise this section with
difficult series and Time taking DIs – so be ready for the worst)
B)     Reasoning  – The
level of paper will be PGDM PO level Exams – So try to score minimum 30-35/50
with good accuracy  (30 Mins) ( IBPS may surprise this section with
complicated puzzles – so be ready for the worst)
C)     English Awareness – The
level of paper will be PGDM PO level Exams – So try to score minimum 25-30/50
with good accuracy   (25 Mins). (Accuracy is very important)
D)     Professional Knowledge – This
time this the most important section consisting of 80 Marks…Merit list will be
decided based on this section only. The level of this section will be high as
compared to the 2016. Try to attempt 35-40 with high accuracy in this section.
Friends this is the Last IBPS SO examination without
prelims so try to do your best this year.
Structure of the Examination with the new pattern in 2017

No of Questions
Good Attempt
Sectional Time
30 Min
30 Min
25 Min
Computer Science
80 ( 1.6 x 50=80 Marks)
35 Min
Try to attempt maximum MCQs from the following Topics in
upcoming days
1)      Database –
Normalization, different data models, aggregation, generalization and
specialization, ER- Model, Transactions, SQL, Oracle, PHP.
2)      Operating system –
Linux, Unix, DOS, Android, iOS, MAC  and Windows
3)      Networking – Different
hardware and software used in the networking, OSI Model, TCP Model
, Internet model, Classes and Error detection techniques.
4)      Software Engineering –
Different Models, Testing types and Quality assurance
5)      Different Phases of
6)      Programming Outputs –
C/C++ and Java
7)      Automata theory – DFN,
NFA, TM and Mealy and Moore Machines and different types of Grammar.
8)      Digital Electronics –
Different number system, K-Map, Logic gates, parity bit and gray code,
9)      Microprocessor – Avoid
this topic
10)  ) Data Structure – Different elements,
algorithms techniques and Sorting
11)  Neglected VVIP topics – Internet of things,
Data warehouse, ERP, MIS, TPC, ES, EIS.
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Thank you – All the Best


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