Expected Questions on RTGS and IMPS


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing most important Banking Awareness Expected Questions on RTGS and IMPS. Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) & Immediate Payments Service (IMPS) are one of the core Payment Services in India. So, here are 25 Expected Questions on RTGS and IMPS.

Expected Questions on RTGS and IMPS

Expected Questions on RTGS and IMPS


  1. What does RTGS stands for? – Real Time Gross Settlement
  2. Who maintains the RTGS payments network? – Reserve Bank of India
  3. In which year RTGS started in India? – 2004
  4. What is the minimum amount can be remitted through RTGS? – ₹200,000
  5. What is the maximum amount can be remitted through RTGS? – No limit
  6. The RTGS service window for customer’s transactions is available to banks from _______. – 9 am to 4.30pm during Weekdays
  7. What is the transaction charge for RTGS amounting between ₹2 lakhs to ₹5 lakhs? – ₹30 maximum
  8. What is the maximum charges for RGTS transfer? – ₹55
  9. What does IDL stands for? – IntraDay Liquidity
  10. What is the Intra-day Liquidity limit for banks set by RBI? – Three times the Net-Owned Fund


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  1. What does IMPS stands for? – Immediate Payment Service
  2. Who has developed IMPS? – National Payments Corporation of India
  3. In which year IMPS started in India? – 2010
  4. IMPS is built upon which network? – National Financial Switch
  5. IMPS can availed through USSD code ________. – *99#
  6. Through which medium(s) IMPS can be availed? – Mobile, Internet, ATM, SMS, Branch and USSD
  7. What does MMID stands for? – Mobile Money Identifier
  8. How long is MMID? – 7 Digit
  9. What does ABRS stands for? – Aadhaar Based Remittance Service
  10. What does QSAM stands for? – Query Service on Aadhaar Mapper
  11. What is the maximum limit for IMPS transaction? – ₹2 lakhs
  12. What is the minimum limit for IMPS transaction? – No limit
  13. IMPS using Mobile number & MMID is called – P2P (person-to-person)
  14. IMPS using Account number & IFS Code is called – P2A (person-to-account)
  15. If the status of the IMPS transaction is shown as not available/pending, as per NPCI guidelines request you to wait for how many days for roll back? – 2 days


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