Exam Review – RBI Assistant Mains 24 January 2017 – with GA Questions

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the Exam Review of RBI Assistant Mains held on 24 January, 2017. The review is shared by our own Nisha Gautam.

》Reasoning was easy

    •  Alphabetical series –easy
    •  Eight people north south linear arrangement – easy
    •  Puzzle with eight people with four months and 2 dates – tricky but doable
    •  Syllogism – easy
    •  Blood relation – easy
    •  Data sufficiency –easy
    •  Inequality- statement to find to make conclusion definitely true

 English was moderate

    •  2 Reading Comprehension – moderate
    •  Error detection new types –moderate
    •  Parajumble new types –easy

 Computer was moderate

  •  Questions were tricky and in depth

 General Awareness – (Not a good judge to give review)
 I found it hard, more of it was banking awareness

 Quant was easy  to moderate

    •  Quadratic equations – easy
    •  Number series – I could not solve all
    •  2 DI – easy to calculative
    •  Simplifications – easy
    •  Word problems – easy to moderate

Overall the paper was a surprise with English and Computer being tricky sections.

 Some GA questions –

    •  BSBDA which statement is false
    •  A book by Twinkle Khanna
    •  World Ayurveda Congress
    •  World Robot Olympiad
    •  Deutsche bank HQ
    •  Naira is the currency of
    •  Cho Ramaswamy related to
    •  Shishu loam max amount
    •  Microfinance loan upto
    •  Two questions on cashless topic but I don’t know what they were about 

No question from appointments, awards, reports and indexes, etc!!

I remember only this much, I may have missed many things so apology!

All the best.


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Team ExamPundit