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English Quiz for Bank PO Prelims – Filler & Cloze – For Revision

Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP) chief and Union Minister Upendra Kushwaha on Wednesday made a startling claim, __(A)(excepting)__ that the post of chief minister in Bihar may soon fall vacant as CM Nitish Kumar had reached a “saturation point in power and he wants to step down.” However, he added that this didn’t imply that he was __(B)(looking)__ for the resignation of the Chief Minister and stated that no one “could force him to exit against his wishes,” NDTV reported.
While addressing his party’s youth workers in Patna at an event to mark the 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Patel, Kushwaha also claimed that Nitish Kumar had __(C)(confided)__ in him that he did not wish to continue as the chief minister after the assembly elections in 2020. Claiming that no one knows Kumar better than him, Kushwaha said that Janata Dal (United) chief had told him that after staying in power for 15 years, he did not want to continue any longer, reports said.
“I am neither doing any politics nor I am making any satirical comment on the CM, but he (Nitish Kumar) has himself expressed his desire not to continue beyond 2020. I have ruled for 15 years. How long will I be the CM,” Kushwaha quoted Kumar as saying,Hindustan Times reported.
Meanwhile, neither Kumar nor JD(U) has issued any statement regarding Kushwaha’s __(D)(partial)__ claim, who has kept his allies in Bihar guessing, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Kushwaha is BJP’s ally in the state but is said to be unhappy with the alliance after the BJP reportedly failed to give him an assurance over respectable seat-share for his party for the upcoming elections.
While both BJP and JD(U) have decided that they would each contest polls from an equal number of seats, the two smaller allies – Kushwaha’s RLSP and Ram Vilas Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party- would have to lose one seat each. Under this partnership, Kushwaha’s party would get only two seats, as per reports, much to the chagrin of the Union Minister.
Last week, after BJP chief Amit Shah’s announcement __(E)(recognizing)__ the party’s decision to split seat-share with JD(SU), Kushwaha had met opposition leader and Rashtiya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav, sparking speculations of a rift among the NDA allies. However, Kushwaha has reportedly insisted that he did not discuss politics with Yadav.

A.(a) Avoiding
(b) Displaying
(c) Extracting
(d) Hinting
(e) No change

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Option: D

B. (a) Asking
(b) Fighting
(c) Competing
(d) Positioning
(e) No change

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Option: A

C. (a) Decided
(b) Entrusted
(c) Assured
(d) Feared
(e) No change

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Option: E

D. (a) Unnecessary
(b) Stunning
(c) Emotional
(d) Mocking
(e) no change

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Option: B

(a) Surviving
(b) Expecting
(c) Regarding
(d) Appreciating
(e) No change

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Option: C

F. Various feminist artists have been portraying goal of Feminist art __________________ and transform the existing stereotypes.
(a) To effect cultural issues.
(b) As to influence cultural attitudes
(c) For making a disciplined culture.
(d) With the help of cultural barrier.
(e) None of these.

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Option: B

G. The Environment Protection and Control Authority on Wednesday issued a press statement ________________________ conditions in the days to come.
(a) Providing a diplomatic air
(b) Guiding residential
(c) Warning residents of worse air
(d) Surviving any weather
(e) None of these

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Option: C

H. Prima facie, it seems that the accused committed the crime __________________ she had a heated argument with her husband.
(a) About a conversation before
(b) In a fit of rage after
(c) Being impulsive by
(d) Without any evidence
(e) None of these

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Option: B

I. A local police officer told media reporters that the lawyers ____________________ a property in the area that they claimed was illegally occupied.
(a) Were irate after the police force vacated
(b) Argued after the police force attacked the
(c) Were about to attack the police force for the
(d) Did not support the police force
(e) None of these

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Option: A

J. The police have also __________________ near the encounter zone since such an area can prove dangerous due to stray explosive materials.
(a) Requested residents to not venture
(b) Threatened residents to violate
(c) Commanded residents to help
(d) Pleaded residents to take risk
(e) None of these

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Option: A

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