Current Affairs Quiz – World-Sports – February, 2015 – Set 3


1. US Govt passed Net
Neutrality Rules recently which also has been in the buzz in India. What is the
main objective of Net Neutrality Rules?

(a) All Internet Service Providers must maintain a same fair
for all.
(b) All the contents in the internet are protected by the
(c) Same price in every E-commerce website
(d) A platform for creation of new and small websites
(e) None of them
2. Which Indian
cricketer was recently inducted in the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame?
(a) Sourav Ganguly
(b) Sachin Tendulkar
(c)  Javagal Srinath
(d) Anil Kumble
(e) Sanjay Manjrekar
3. The world’s first
3D-printed jet engine was unveiled in which country?
(a) France
(b) USA
(c)  Australia
(d) Japan
(e) China
4. Which of the
following films was awarded as the best foreign language film in Academy Awards
(a) Lunchbox
(b) Ida
(c)  Leviathan
(d) Tangerines
(e) Amour
5. What is the name
of the Russian politician who was shot dead in Moscow recently?
(a) Boris Nemtsov
(b) Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev
(c)  Vasiliy Averin
(d) Grigory Kaminsky
(e) Viktor Nogin
6. Which country
recently announced to allow work permits to spouses of H-1B Visa holders?
(a) Finland
(b) UK
(c)  Russia
(d) China
(e) USA
7. Gopinath Pillai
was appointed by Singapore as special envoy to which Indian state?
(a) Gujarat
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c)  Andhra Pradesh
(d) Telengana
(e) Kerala
8. The Indian owned
company Prime Focus received best visual effects for which film in Academy
Awards 2015?
(a) Birdman
(b) Avengers
(c)  Interstellar
(d) Transformers 4
(e) Gravity
9. Against which
country did AB De Villiers score the fastest 150 runs in ODI?
(a) West Indies
(b) Zimbabwe
(c)  Pakistan
(d) New Zealand
(e) India
10. Which film
received the best picture award in Academy Awards 2015?
(a) Theory of Everything
(b) The Imitation Game
(c)  Foxcatcher
(d) Birdman
(e) Interstellar
11. Who won the Hero
Indian Open title of Golf 2015?
(a) Jeev Milkha Singh
(b) Gaurav Ghei
(c)  Anirban Lahiri
(d) Shiv Chowrasia
(e) Bernd Wiesberger

12. Chris Gayle
scored the first 200 runs in World Cup and ____ in ODIs.
(a) 4th
(b) 3rd
(c)  6th
(d) 2nd
(e) 5th
13. What is the name
of the founder of Mukto-Mona blog who was hacked to death recently?
(a) Avishek Roy
(b) Avijit Roy
(c)  Abir Roy
(d) Ashim Roy
(e) None of them
14. What is the name
of the first American actress to win Best Supporting Actress Award at France’s

Cesar Awards?
(a) Julianne Moore
(b) Julia Migenes
(c)  Julia Roberts
(d) Sandra Bullock
(e) Kristen Stewart
15. Which nation
appointed Ravi Chaudhary as Executive Director at Federal Aviation
(a) Russia
(b) France
(c)  Australia
(d) Malaysia
(e) None of them

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