Computer Knowledge Quiz for LIC AAO 2016 – Set 28

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for LIC AAO 2016.

1. In case of
computer, “JUMPER” is
1) used to configure the hard disk
2) used to configure the primary memory
3) used to play computer game
4) a software language
5) machine language
2. Which of the
following statements is true about FAT?
1) The initial version of FAT designed for 16-bit
microprocessors is now referred to as FAT16.
2) FAT file systems are not found on floppy disks, flash
memory cards and digital cameras.
3) FAT was not commonly used on hard disks throughout the
DOS and Windows 9x eras.
4) FAT is a computer file system architecture now widely
used on many computer systems.
5) None of these
3. First RAM chip was
introduced by which of the following?
1) Microsoft
2) Intel
3) Dell
4) HP
5) Apple
4. ____ is a system
that pre-dates the World Wide Web for organising and displaying files on
3) Telnet
4) Gopher
5) None of these
5. A specialised
network device that determines the next network point to which it can forward a
packet towards the destination
of the packet is commonly known as
1) bridge
2) router
3) switch
4) hub
5) repeater
6. Which of the
following is a computer network service which allows clients to make indirect
connections to other network
1) Firewall
2) Proxy
3) Network address translator
4) Hub
5) Bridge
7. In a computer, a
hardware and/or software that duplicates the functions of a first computer
system in
a different second
computer system, so that the behaviour of the second system closely resembles the

behaviour of the first system is known
1) Stimulator
2) Emulator
3) Scanner
4) Copier
5) None of these
8. A _____ is the
basic unit of data storage on a hard disk.
1) track
2) sector
3) zone
4) gap
5) None of these
9. A method of
transferring information directly from a mass storage device such as hard disk
or from
adapter card into memory (or
vice versa) without information passing through processor is commonly
known as
1) Direct memory access
2) Casting
3) Standard memory access
4) Directional memory access
5) None of these
10. ____ is the
portion of the data block (oracle block) that contains information about the
table having
rows in this block.
1) Table directory
2) Table row
3) Table column
4) Header
5) Footer

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